Natural Hairstyle from Brenda Barron

Salon: Samiyah’s Hairstyling Salon
Stylist: Brenda Barron
Model: Samiyah
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Looking for a new hair salon? Don’t fret here’s the perfect solution. Samiyah’s Hairstyling Salon, featured in Sophisticated Black Hair Magazine, has everything you need as far as black hairstyles are concerned. Whether you want a natural hairstyle like a twist out, braids, Afro or asymmetric we can do it all at Samiyah’s.The best way to do a twist out is to first wash the hair to clear out buildup of previously used products; then use a leave-in conditioner and add shea butter or coconut oil to secure your curls. Part your natural hairstyle in sections and begin to do a two strand twist until it is complete. Sit under the dryer for 45 minutes then unravel each separately.

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