Natural Hairstyle with Braided Knots from Erma Stephens

Are you looking for one of the natural hairstyles with braids, but do you feel like you have tried them all? Think again, as this new look is different and will be the type of style that turns heads.

Braided Knots Make the Hairstyle

Salon: Heads Above Hair Salon
Stylist: Erma Stephens
Model: Victoria
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Do you love braided knots? Then you will certainly love this style as it uses the knots to hold the braids together. The braids along the side of the head run in multiple directions adding some visual interest. The other side of the head is a mass of curls. It looks great to have the dichotomy showcased from any angle.

If you love the coloring of brown, then you will love getting your hair dyed for this look. It is a beautiful shade. It’s not too light and not too dark. People will mistake the color for your natural hair color. It’s just the right balance.

Fun, Flirty Hairstyle

This style is for people who love to experiment. They don’t get bored easily either. They just love a new look that they can sport for a while. They will enjoy also the predictability of being able to get up in the morning and do their hair.

Introducing Erma Stephens

The stylist of this look is Erma Stephens at Trinity Hair Design in Crestview FL / Salon. If you want to book in with her then call her at (850) 244-3297. The staff will accommodate you and make sure you get what you want.

Being unique is one of the best parts of women’s hairstyles. When you have a unique look, people can easily see glimmers of your personality. If you think this spunky look fits yours, then you should book in today. You will leave with a result that you can be truly proud of. That look will last for a while too.

Enjoy your braids as well as your curly natural hair with this style.

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