Elegant Sew-In Bob Hairstyle from Amber McClain

Sew-in weaves don’t have to be boring. This is especially the case and point with this style. This weave doesn’t look like a weave at all. It just looks like you went to the salon and got an edgy cut.

Trendsetting Retro Hairstyle

Salon: Endless Creations Hair Studio
Stylist: Amber McClain
Model: Nicole
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The styling on this cut brings back 50’s and 40’s vibes. Back then, hair was full of volume and unique parting. This hair has a great side part and the volume on the other side of the hair with the bangs is truly remarkable. That’s what gives it another era feel. Women back then always had to be polished and ultra-glam. We can take the style away and leave the expectations back in that century.

Wispy Haircut with Side Bangs

The cut is nice because the back of the hair is longer. That makes the hair look a bit modern with the wispy type styling. The sides of the hair are really where the volume is. That goes for the sweeping bangs in the front of the head. They are very long and yet swept to the side, so they don’t get in a woman’s face. There is a lot of layering in this cut as well. The back of the hair looks like a traditional bob with the hair cut very close to the nape of the neck.

Introducing Amber McClain from Endless Creations Hair Studio

If you must get this stylish bob, then book in with stylist Amber McClain at the salon Endless Creations Hair Studio in Pensacola, FL. The salon’s phone number is (850) 696-8481. You will be met with capable staff who know exactly how to give you the look you want.

The sew-in weave bob is a masterful piece. It is elegant and stylish. A person can really enjoy the look of the entire creation. You will be so happy to have a look that you can style daily.

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