Natural Hairstyle with Red Hair Color from Sakeyta Roberts

Sakeyta Roberts at Be a Doll Boutique Salon has created a fiery hot do. Ranae is modelling this lovely hairstyle. Of all the black hairstyles, this one is a winner for curly hairstyles.

If you have ever dreamed of dying your hair bright red, then this will be a wonderful look for you. You can dress the look down for the evening with muted tones for make up. The model has a deep red which looks great in the evenings. And you can add some copper to the eyes for a glowing finish.

Salon: Be A Doll Salon
Stylist: Sakeyta Roberts
Model: Ranae
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

Or for the day, you can go with minimal make up and let your hair speak volumes about your fun and care free personality. Whatever the accessories and make up, you are sure not to get bored of this style.

The hair will also look wonderful pined back for a night on the town. You will always stand out of the crowd with a look that gets noticed. This is a low maintenance look that will only require a commitment to fun colors and beautiful natural looking curls.

If you want to give wearing your curly hair out a try, then you will want to attempt this look. Sakeyta and all of her girls at Be a Doll Boutique Salon can easily replicate this wonderful cut and color for you.

One of the best things about the look are the soft bangs that frame the face. They bring out the features and especially the cheekbones. They still lengthen the face because they are not the blunt cut across the face. Rather, they are delicate accessorizing wisps to really make the face look elongated.

If you want to try the newest trend in color, then go red. Fire engine read is becoming the most sought after color of 2018, so don’t miss out on being a trendsetter.

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