Mohawk Haircut with Hair Color from T-Rod

This Natural Mohawk Haircut from T-Rod was created  by black hairstyles expert T-Rod from Diverse Cuts by T-Rod, located at 150 Hwy 67 Duncanville, TX. This natural hairstyle is proof that simplicity and functionality can make for super sexy fun and liberating style, all in one. This cut will allow you to stay true to your natural hair without the fuss and effort required by irons and all those assorted tools and products so many feel they need to achieve a striking and memorable look. T-Rod’s Natural Mohawk is just that–all natural and all beautiful, so you can be the focal point of your style.

Salon: Diverse Cuts by T-Rod
Stylist: T-Rod
Model: Ruthie
Make Up: Crystal Dickson

This tightly-trimmed mohawk carries the attitude and functionality of your standard hawk, without being overt or abrasive. You get the attitude and freedom of the mohawk combined with the class and restraint of professionalism. The smooth shave gradually piling to the center line creates a steady curvature to the contour of the style, while the splash of bright color makes for a bold finish, fully customizable to your individual complexion and your own unique fashion tastes.  

Perfect for today’s on-the-go, active lifestyle and keeping up with all the busy demands throughout your day, this natural hawk styling will help keep your time and energies focused on what really matters. With so many more important and pressing matters to attend to, the last thing you need to worry about is keeping your hair in place and looking as brilliantly bold and creatively powerful as you feel. Rocking this hawk will see you rocking your confidence with ease.  

Whether you spend your days dazzling clients and pitching proposals, innovating the next artistic breakthrough, or trailblazing your own passionate path toward success, T-Rod’s Natural Mohawk will see you through it all with class, style, attitude, and playful professionalism to truly compliment the powerhouse of YOU!


Contact the experts at Diverse Cuts by T-Rod today at (469) 335-6100 to schedule an appointment or consultation.

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