Natural Locs Updo from Tanene Jackson

Salon: Locs of Soul
Stylist: Tanene Jackson
Model: Tanene
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Women looking for a natural hairstyle and do not want to leave their hair exposed, should consider this natural locus updo. It is gaining popularity and black women are readily adopting dreadlocks into their culture and making them look even better with the different styling capabilities. It is ideal for a professional look as well as a fun and outgoing look. In this, it will suit every occasion. Tenene, the creator of this hairdo delivers on providing an adventurous edge that many black women are embracing. It is fun, chic, and adventurous to bring out the best features in you.

Step-by-step Guide
The following is a step-by-step guide on how to create the natural locus updo to meet your desired look. It is ideal for persons with dreadlocks of medium to long length. Before you can do anything, it is best that you first prepare your locks.


Wash your dreadlocks by working the soap into your locks and squeezing it out gently.
Rinse off the soap gradually until there is no residue left
Dry it thoroughly

N/B: It is easier and faster to lock in dreadlocks when your hair is clean as opposed to when it is dirty and oily.

Creating the natural locus updo hairstyle

Gather the dreadlocks at the center of your head together

Segment the dreadlocks ensuring that you gather the dreadlocks at the center of your head together. Position them at the center and ensure that you do not pull them tightly to prevent pain and discomfort.

Tie them together

Tie the locks together to ensure there is firm grasp and rather than allow the long ends fall off, fold them into two and complete the tie. This should leave you with a crown-like shape on your head.

Pull together the side dreadlocks and twist them around the tied dreadlocks leaving out one dreadlock at the back and another at the front

Gather the dreadlocks you left on the side of your head and also pull them in the same direction as the previous locks. Rather than tie them, twist them around the tied locks in a circular motion. At their end tack them into the other dreadlocks and fasten them into position. You may decide to have them stitched in position or use hairpins to fix them into position.

Take the front dreadlock and twist it loosely towards your forehead

That in position, go back to the dreadlock you left at the front. Since it is long, you will twist it loosely about twice to leave two loops on your forehead. Fasten it with a decorative clip to hold it in position.

Leave the dreadlock at the back hanging lose

The steps to creating the ideal natural locus updo can be complicated if you do not have the expertise. Rather than do it yourself, contact an expert from Mobile AL hair salons for the hairstyle to bring out the desired look at its best. This outstanding and gorgeous black hairstyle is a creation of Tanene Jackson from Locs of Soul in Mobile, AL. Enjoy her services by booking an appointment with her through phone number contacts, (240) 515-4388.

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