Long Double Ombre Cascade Curls from Denise Granberry

Salon: Global Tresses
Stylist: Denise Granberry
Model: Chanel
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Women looking for a glamorous look that will suit both professional and fun, this is one of the black hairstyles to consider. It is chic, sleek, and fun thanks to its fun curls and play. The hair color makes it outstanding. The long double ombre cascade curls brings out the best of your facial features. Whether you are going out, attending a glamorous event, dinner, or going to work, this hairstyle will deliver the desired effect to suit every occasion.

Step-by-step Guide
To help you create this hairstyle, you are required to purchase the right weaves and extensions. For anyone looking to increase the length of her hair will find this hairstyle ideal.


Thoroughly wash your hair with a mild shampoo
Rinse it off with warm water until there is no soap residue
Blow-dry your hair to dry and straighten it

Creating the Long Double Ombre Cascade Curls

1. Segment your hair
Segment your hair leaving a section at the front part. By segmenting your hair, you will be able to leave the front part that is going to combine with the rest of the weave and extension so it gives that sleek look.

2. Plait a few lines leaving the front section of hair
The back section is to be plaited. Plait a few lines directed either to the back or in a circular direction. This will provide you with a guide on where you will stitch your weave thus enabling you secure your weave in position.

3. Attach the weaves
Once the lines are complete and tied together, it is time to attach your weave. You will need to spread out the weave so that you can identify one end. Have it start from one edge of your head to the other. You will then leave a center exposed and you will be required to evenly fill up these spaces with the weave so that it gives you that fuller feel and look.

4. Fix the color extensions
With all the weave in position, it is time to fix the color extensions where you deem necessary however, ensure that it is evenly spread so that it is not only in one area so that you can make it more fun and appealing.

5. Style as desired
Now that you have everything in place, it is advisable that you oil your hair to give that shiny look and this makes it easier to style. Comb the extensions and the rest of the weave together. Combine it with the hair at the front.

6. Tong the front section to get the weave off your face

It is advisable that you seek the services of a professional in Fayetteville NC, black hair salons to ensure that the results are just as you expected. This is better as opposed to doing it by yourself. This hairstyle is a creation of Denise Granberry and you can have her create the hairdo for you by simply contacting her on her mobile number (832) 660-7975. She is situated in Global Tresses in Spring Lake NC.

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