Naturally Fierce Curly Hairstyle from Lanika Saunders

Salon: Hair by Lanika
Stylist: Lanika Saunders
Model: Keisha
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Amongst some of the most popular black hairstyles, is the naturally fierce curly hairstyle with color. It is ideal for individuals who are looking for an outstanding, glamorous, as well as chic natural hairstyle. With the addition of hair color and curls, it works great with the adventurous woman.

Step-by-step guide to create the Naturally Fierce Curly Hairstyle with Color

This hairstyle requires some preparation first. You will wash your hair with a mild shampoo and rinse it all off with warm water. Buy two (one in black and another in a different color) short and curly extensions to help complete the hairstyle.

Divide your hair into two equal halves originating from the crown down
You will be dividing the hair because either side features a different hairdo.

On one side, shave your hair
Shave one side of the hair down and give it two front cuts to provide a sleek finish. Do not shave it bold but ensure that you shave as low as you can to provide the ideal result.

On the other side, plait some lines to attach the extension
With the remaining hair on the other side, plait some lines that will be used to attach the hair extension. Ensure that they are neat and firm.

Attach the extension with the colored extension at the front
Attach the extension to complete the hairstyle. With the colored section at the front and the black extension at the back, this leaves a fun and adventurous feel and look. The curls cover your hair adequately. The texture gives it a natural look.

Style and sprays
Style the hair and spray it to leave great and long lasting results. This also contributes to leave a bounce on the curls.

While you can try to complete this hairstyle at home, it is best that you consider working with an expert. While visiting the Panama City Florida hair salons, you will have your hairstyle completed professionally and precisely delivering the best of results. This hairstyle is a creation of Lanika Saunders from Hair by Lanika in Panama City, FL. Call her and book an appointment through her phone number (850) 481–6627.





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