Short Hairstyle with Flips from Lanika Saunders

Salon: Hair by Lanika
Stylist: Lanika Saunders
Model: Keisha
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

There’s nothing more edgy than short black hairstyles. And Lanika Saunders from Hair by Lanika in Panama City, FL. makes a unique statement with flips. She works with contrasting lengths in order to create a style that is both attention grabbing and memorable. The great thing about this style is, you can easily do this one own your own. Let’s take a look at five simple steps.

Material Needed:
Tail Comb
Wrapping Mousse (or foam)
Styling Strips (optional)
Hooded dryer
Marcel Irons
Claw comb

Step 1: Shampoo, condition and detangle
Start with a clean and conditioned hair. Not only does it make it easier to manipulate when prepping your hair, but always when styling it. You should also take this time to remove any knots that you may run into.

Step 2: Apply Mouse (or foam)
Apply styling mouse (or foam) to your hair and wrap the top portion of your hair around your entire head. If your hair is too short for this, then simply comb downwards and mold the hair to your head.If the shortest portion of your hair is more than an inch long, then use styling strips to slick down the back and sides. This will endure a smooth finish. Note: If your hair is course or you are between relaxers, then it is best to use mouse because it will give a tighter hold.

Step 3: Sit underneath dryer
Depending on the length of your hair, you should sit beneath the dryer for an hour to and hour and a half. Just make sure your hair is completely dry or your flip will not hold correctly.

Step 4: Curl
Use your tail comb to section off your hair little by little. Curl upwards to create a flip. The smaller your sections, the harder you will have to work to style. So make sure that your sections are sizable enough to be manageable. Note:Though you may choose to use an electric curling iron, in most cases marcel irons will help you to maintain the curl for a longer length of time.

Step 5: Style
Use your claw comb to create a fuller look. Pick out the areas that are clumped together. Tease each section so that the flip is more dramatic.

As you can see, short hairstyles are pretty easy to do if you are aware of the proper steps to take. If you would like to speak with a professional about this and other coolshort hairstyles for black women, then give Lanika Saunders a call at(850) 481-6627. Hair by Lanika is one of the premierblack hair salons in Panama City Florida.


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