Omg! The Best Permanent Loc Extensions With Pipe Cleaner Curls Ever!

One way to enhance your locs journey is the use of permanent loc extensions. Permanent loc extensions can be added to your natural locs or they can be added to loose hair. This adds length as well as creates a protective barrier over parts of your hair. Another great aspect is the fact that these hair additions are very easy to maintain. Shamone Barnes from Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC created this elegant example of permanent loc extensions. She used copper pipe cleaner curls to add a splash of color.

Stylist: Shamone Barnes
Salon: Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC
Salon Phone: (980) 494-3892
Model: Chelsea
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Faux Hawk Permanent Loc Extensions

Loc extensions are hand created to give an instant loc look. This hairstyle is a perfect example of the versatility available using permanent loc extensions. Permanent locs are a great way to add length to your own locs as you are beginning your locs journey. Human hair additions are used so that the loc extensions could stay in the model’s hair as long as she wishes. Once her own hair has grown to the desired length, the model can cut the hair additions out. Until then, these human hair additions are designed to blend perfectly with her hair texture and color.

This look is actually a two-part hairstyle. Anytime the model wants to change up her look, she can take the pipe cleaners out and have beautiful luscious curls. The pipe cleaners will give the locs textured curls when they are removed. This look is perfect for anyone who wants an elegant locs hairstyle with the ability to “switch it up” every now and then.

Customized Foam Colors Add Flash to the Look

Shamone added a customized foam hair color process to these permanent loc extensions. The shades were chosen specifically for this model. The foam hair color is great for hairstyles like this because they are temporary colors which further adds to the versatility. Foam colors are also non-abrasive and alcohol-free. They don’t contain any bleaching agents also. This is a perfect hair color product to use in this situation because it keeps the locs from drying out. Shamone also used copper color pipe cleaners throughout these permanent loc extensions to add another dash of color.

Let a Professional Guide You on Your Locs Journey

We cannot stress enough the importance of allowing a professional hairstylist like Shamone Barnes in Charlotte, NC creates intricate looks like these permanent loc extensions for you. Professional hairstylist gives you so much more value for your money. For instance, Shamone created a custom blend of natural oils, specifically for this model, to help her keep her hair and scalp healthy through this process. For this model, Shamone used different amounts of lemongrass and peppermint to create a specialized mixture. The oils along with a periodic witch hazel cleans will keep this model’s hair and scalp hydrated and healthy between salon visits.

Introducing Shamone Barnes from Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC

Shamone Barnes has become one of the most sought-after natural hair experts in the black hair industry. Her clients can rely on her professional expertise and Shamone’s attention to detail to give them the look they want while keeping their hair in its healthiest form. Let’s not forget about that incredible artistic eye also. Shamone is responsible for some of the most popular locs hairstyles today. Stop by the salon or give Shamone Barnes a call at (980) 494-3892. Get deeper into your locs journey by letting Shamone Barnes create a permanent locs extensions hairstyle for you.

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