Apply These 5 Secret Techniques to Improve Your Long Curly Crochet Hair

This long curly crochet hairstyle features a leave out section in the front. This allows the model’s hair to blend in with the curly hair additions. This look was created by Shamone Barnes, a professional hairstylist located at Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC. The look features long, tight curls that surround the face also. Shamone matched her client’s natural tones with auburn hair color. This long curly crochet hairstyle is perfect for any Black woman that loves tight curls and wants the low maintenance of crochet hair additions.

Stylist: Shamone Barnes
Salon: Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC
Salon Phone: (980) 494-3892
Model: Chanel
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Long Curly Crochet Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a partial leave out also. Shamone left the front of the model’s hair out and blended it in with the crochet hair additions. The model’s hair left out in the front was curled using a double strand twist method. Shamone was meticulous in choosing the perfect hair color and textured hair additions also. This ensured a seamless transition from her model’s own hair to the synthetic add-ons. This look is dazzling and will grab the spotlight in any social event. Add to the great looks the fact that this partial crochet is also a protective hairstyle. It is keeping the model’s own hair safe underneath.

Keep Your Hair Healthy With This Long Curly Crochet Hairstyle

While Shamone Barnes did choose to leave part of the front of the model’s hair out, she safely hid the rest underneath the synthetic crochet hair additions. While this model goes about her day-to-day life, most of her hair is safely braided underneath. Her hair is being protected from the harsh realities of wind, moisture, and dust particles that surround us every day.

Before the hair additions were added, Shamone Barnes from Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC ensured her model’s hair would stay healthy by first giving her a protein treatment. Protein treatments help your hair to retain moisture and adds needed nutrients to make your hair shaft stronger. Shamone also gave her model a leave-in conditioner and used some natural oils. This will ensure that her model’s hair was well prepared for the look she was going to receive.

Taking Care of This Long Curly Crochet Hairstyle at Home

Keeping this long curly crochet hairstyle looking beautiful is quite easy. Shamone Barnes recommends that you oil your scalp regularly, wear a satin bonnet at night, and use a daily moisturizer to keep your scalp and hair hydrated. She also tells her clients to curl their hair using a two-strand twist technique. Shamone also sets her clients up for a crochet maintenance routine which includes a dry cleanse and replacing or trimming any shedding pieces. Shamone says that under proper conditions, this hairstyle should last about 4 weeks.

Introducing Shamone Barnes from Salon Planted in Charlotte, NC

Shamone Barnes is a highly sought after professional hairstylist located at Salon Planted, 9605 North Tryon St., Suite – L, in Charlotte, NC. When you’re ready to protect your own hair under an elegant partial crochet style, stop by the salon or give Shamone a call at (980) 494-3892.

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