Patricia Clinkscales’ Dual Identity Natural Hairstyle

Salon: Why Knot Hair Salon
Stylist: Patricia Clinkscales
Model: Deniqua
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

This is a beautiful hairstyle for women looking for a natural hairstyle that is fun and adventurous. It plays around with color and the hairstyle itself is a combination of hairstyles. The combination makes it look complicated but the outcome is fancy and chic. Despite the color combinations, it is ideal for both professional and outdoor look. In this, whether you are going to work, attending a dinner, or going clubbing, this hairdo will take care of all your occasions. This hairdo by Patricia Clinkscales also pulls back to bring out your facial features.

Step-by-step Guide
Creating this style is not as complicated as it may seem. The following is how to create it and a guideline of how to create it to perfection.


Using a mild product, shampoo your hair thoroughly
Rinse it using warm water until there is no more soap residue
Blow dry your hair to entangle it and to straighten it
Segment your hair into two halves from the crown to the bottom
Dye one half maroon
Allow the dye to soak in and rinse off the excess
Straighten your hair

N/B: Remember to have your extension before you get started. One is black in color and the other in maroon.

Creating Patricia Clinkscales Dual Identity Natural Hairstyle

Part your natural hair into quarters

To create this hairstyle, your hair must be divided into four sections. These sections have something different going on with the similarity that your will be plaiting some lines.

Plait some lines on each quarter as directed below

Quarter 1: This is the left bottom side. Plait some lines from the bottom towards the center of your head. These are not complicated as they are simply straight.

Quarter 2:This is the right bottom side. Plait small lines that originate from the side and come together towards the center of the quarter in a manner to resemble a scorpion.

Quarter 3:This is the left top side. Plait curvy lines that begin at the crown of the head and move towards the center of the quarter.

Quarter 4:This is the right top side. Similarly, plait some curvy lines originating from the crown towards the center of your quarter.

N/B: Ensure that all the quarters meet at the center point

Plait together the four quarters

At the point where they meet, plait them together to complete them.

Using the extension twist each color to create a solid twist extension

The two colored extensions should be twisted to create a chic finish. Each color should be twisted independently.

Attach the extension

To attach the extension, shape it around the crown of your head towards the center. It should cover the area in which the lines meet living a clean and desirable finish leaving an updo.

Patricia Clinkscales’ Dual Identity Natural Hairstyle

To have this hairstyle at its best, it is advisable that you seek professional help. Fayetteville NC hair salons are perfecting this hairstyle and they will assist you to pick out the right colors for your skin complexion. While in town, you can contact the creator, Patricia Clinkscales from Why Not? Hair Salon, of this hairstyle and book an appointment with her on (910) 323-5668.

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