5 Gulf Area Hair Salons Release 11 New Hairstyles You See

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Finding a good professional hair salon can be daunting. Some hair salons only specialize in certain hairstyles or are only limited to natural hair, short hair or extensions. If you are looking for a black hair salon to try, here are a five hair salons on the Gulf Coast that is worth the trip.

Head’s Above Hair Salon
Located in Crestview, FL, Head’s Above Hair Salon is owned by Master Cosmetologist Erma Stephens. Head’s Above Hair Salon offers a wide variety of different hairstyles. Erma Stephens specializes in extensions curly hairstyles, short hairstyles, long hairstyles and anything in between. Head’s Above Hair Salon is also a great choice for anyone who looking for natural hairstyles. Stephens can make natural hair cute and manageable. If you have a young daughter, you can book her appointment along with yours. Head’s Above have an array of different kid styles. If you need a little color in your life, Head’s Above stylists are color specialist. Head’s Above is truly ahead of the competition.

Signature Hairstyles
Rocker Chic Bob Hairstyle

This bob will take your from your professional setting to happy hour at your favorite bar. This professional, yet fun hairstyle accents your facial features. It is easy to maintain and is a cut above the other salons’ bobs. Erma Stephens adds color highlights to the bob to give it a unique, sexy and eye-catching look.

Popping Ponytail Hairstyle with Color

This dramatic side ponytail makes every woman look sexy. This style can work for an evening event or a business meeting. Erma Stephens brings some sass in with an elegant honey blonde color.

Greg’s Professional Barber and Beauty Salon
This Gulf Coast barber and beauty salon is one of the highlights of Mobile, AL. If you are up to visit, 1917 Duval St in Mobile, you can choose from unique hairstyles such as lobster tails and waves, twist with dry weave, natural hairstyles, etc. Greg’s Professional Barber and Beauty Salons main stylist is Pamela Webster. She specializes in unique up-dos for both natural and relaxed hair. She also does curly hairstyles, wrap hairstyles and color hairstyles. Like Head’s Above, Pamela Webster has an array of different kid styles. Pamela Webster knows how to help your hair look good and stay looking good even with Mobile’s humidity.

Signature Hairstyles
Lightened Wrap Hairstyle with Color

Say goodbye to the boring wrap. Pamela Webster’s popular lightened wrap is chic, slick and brings color to your life. The look can be both professional and fun. If you want a little more edge, Pamela can add multi-color extensions to your wrap to really make your hair pop.

Links Bun Hairstyle

This is the ultimate special events up-do. Three rows of links cascade into a bun. The bun is used to complement the woman’s facial structure. This up-do is professional, youthful and fun. One of the highlights is the stylish half bob that accents the face.

Lady T’s Lovely Loc’s
Lady T’s Lovely Loc’s specializes in natural hairstyles ranging from curly dreadlocks, twist dreadlocks, box braids, afros, and loose waves. This salon does not only loc your hair, they give your locs cute hairstyles that go beyond the standard. So if you are in the Crestview, FL area and are looking for a black hair salon that caters to natural hair, look no further than Lady T’s Lovely Loc’s.

Signature Hairstyles
Natural Afrocentric Hairstyle

The Lady T, Tonisha Kenty can give you an afro that is at the next level. This natural blow out is a style that is easy to maintain and can be spruced up with a flower or a hairpin. Tonisha Kenty creates this beautiful big afro by stretching the coils to show your hair’s length. The longer your hair, the bigger your afro will be.

Natural Locs with Playful Beads

These natural locs can be spruced up with some natural wood beads at the tips.

Loose Waves Natural Hairstyle

This is a dreadlocks hairstyle that has dreadlocks cascading down in loose waves via a side ponytail. This makes the dreadlocks appear softer and wavy.

Natural Half Up/Half Down Hairstyle

Lady T’s also specialize in regular weave braids. This half up-do have down style creates diversity and allows you to style your hair differently every day. The look is professional yet flirty. The highlight of the style is a high bun at the top of the head.

Hair Explosion

Hair stylist Terresa Murray creates an explosion with every head she does. If you are adventurous and want short and spunky, Terresa can work her magic. At Hair Explosion, every up do is a fashion statement. You can get different up dos that include ponytail hairstyles, cinnabon hairstyles and a twist on classic up dos. If you want short hair, long hair or curly hair, hair explosion is the place for you. It is located at Panama City, FL. Children are welcomed.

Signature Hairstyles

Purple Fusion Long Hairstyle

This purple Bohemian inspired design uses a braid to crown the face. The rest of the hair is crinkled and falls like a waterfall.

Locs of Soul
Locs of Soul holds down the Bay City of Mobile. If you are thinking about locs or need your locs tightened, Locs of Soul is the place for you.Tanene Jackson creates professional, sexy and fun dreadlocks styles. The black hair salon is located on3266 International Dr. in Mobile. Anyone in the tri-state area is welcomed to get a soul altering natural hairstyle.

Signature Hairstyles
Curly, Long Locs

Dreadlocks can have volume. If you have long locs, this long curly look gives your dreadlocks a voluminous appearance. This natural hairstyle is easy to maintain and very professional.

Natural Locs Updo

Dreadlocks can be fancy. This natural locus updo almost resembles a modern beehive. It embraces the black woman’s spirit for adventure and fun while giving the all important professional look when it is time to take care of business.

If you live on the Gulf Coast or are visiting the coast soon, you will not go wrong with one of these black hair salons.

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