Punch up the Fun With This Trendy Basket Weave Updo Hairstyle

Every now and then, we want that special, exotic hairstyle that captures the room’s attention. When you want everyone to focus on you, try this trendy basket weave updo hairstyle. Marquita Biggs, a professional hairstylist located at Perfect Imperfections in Columbia, SC designed this elegant updo hairstyle. Her goal was to create a masterpiece that would be noticed right away. This look is Afrocentric, elegant, and exotic. It’s the perfect hairstyle for any formal affair. The look features an intricate basket weave that travels up the hair to two-strand twists at the top.

Stylist: Marquita Briggs
Salon: Perfect Imperfections in Columbia, SC
Salon Phone: (803) 800-2956
Model: Bridgette
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Trendy Basket Weave Updo Hairstyle

Marquita Briggs created this elegant look using a beautiful basket weave technique to form the base. As the hairstyle travels to the top, it is transformed into a sultry two-strand twists updo. The look is elegant, yet bold.

Marquita gave her model a custom hair color process also. She chose hues of red that would both stand out and accentuate her model’s natural features. Once Marquita got the perfect color, she added some crimson red hair additions to add body to the updo. Synthetic pre-stretched braiding hair was used for the hair additions. The synthetic hair was the perfect blend for her model’s natural texture.

Prep Your Hair for an Elegant Updo

The first step to creating this trendy basket weave updo hairstyle is to properly prepare the model’s hair. Marquita started out applying a clarifying shampoo and conditioner to prepare the hair for the color. Because this look was created on the model’s natural hair, it will require more moisture than chemically treated hairstyles. 

The hair additions in the top will also form a protective barrier to shield your hair from the harsh conditions of your daily environment. Marquita also gave her model a protein treatment to give her model’s hair a healthy foundation. The two-strand twists in the top form a stunning updo in the top and the vibrant red hair color elevates the style to a whole new level.

Taking Care of This Trendy Basket Weave Updo Hairstyle at Home

Marquita Briggs made sure her client would have an easy time taking care of this elegant updo at home. She designed this trendy basket weave updo hairstyle to look elegant and be easy to maintain. Marquita says that to keep this hairstyle in tip-top shape, you need to simply use daily hair oils to infuse moisture and use some type of edge control or foam wrap at night. You should also wrap your hair at night in some form of silk or satin cloth.

Introducing Marquita Briggs From Perfect Imperfections in Columbia, SC

Marquita Briggs is a professional hairstylist located at Perfect Imperfections, 302 Berkshire Dr., in Columbia, SC. Marquita’s work has been featured in some of the largest Black hair publications in the world. She has earned a reputation for giving her client’s top-quality hairstyles with her artistic eye and her attention to detail. Feel free to stop by the salon or give Marquita a call at (803) 800-2956. Let Marquita Briggs create a stunning new look like this trendy basket weave updo hairstyle for you.

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