Want to Spice Up Your Finger Waves on Short Hair? Add Color!

Finger waves have always been a fun way to add flash to your hair while keeping it protected from the elements. Many people feel that hair additions are the only protective hairstyles out there, but finger waves will get the job done also. If you want to really jazz up your look add a vibrant hair color into the mix also. Constance Purnell, a professional hairstylist from Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC created this bold finger waves on short hair look.

Stylist: Constance Purnell
Salon: Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC
Salon Phone: (803) 724-8245
Model: Jo Ann
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Bold Finger Waves on Short Hair

Finger waves were made popular in the Black community during the 1920s. Multi-talented entertainer Josephine Baker was one of the first to grace the silver screen wearing her hair gelled back into multiple ridges. Finger waves gave a soft edge to short hairstyles. It is a look that has remained popular to this day.

Constance Purnell decided to give this classic fashion statement an upgrade by adding vibrant crimson red and canary yellow hair colors. The hair color was applied with hair additions, which further protects the model’s hair underneath. Constance uses the hair color to highlight the movement of the finger waves.

A Different Type of Protective Hairstyle

Finger waves are a great way to keep your hair protected from the harsh elements of everyday life. Your hair is gelled down and molded into a sleek look. The gel creates a barrier between your hair and the elements. This encourages hair growth also. Constance used the finger waves to create a beautiful look that will grab the attention in any room while keeping her model’s hair protected underneath.

Professional Preparation Makes the Look

Constance Purnell, a professional hairstylist located at Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC went to great lengths to ensure her model’s hair would be well taken care of as she created these finger waves for short hair look. Constance started with a deep shampoo and conditioner. Then the hair was cut into a pixie hairstyle. This ensured that when the model was ready to switch up her look, she could rock an elegant pixie cut without missing a beat. The finger waves were created using a comb and gel technique. Constance used synthetic hair additions to infuse vibrant colors. She used a custom watercolor technique to create the precise shades of crimson red and canary yellow.

Taking Care of This Finger Waves for Short Hair at Home

Constance Purnell created this soft, look with her model’s healthy hair in mind. She also made sure her model would be able to maintain this hairstyle at home with no problem. To keep this finger waves hairstyle looking “salon fresh”, Constance recommends wrapping your hair at night with a silk bonnet. She suggests using a lite spritz in the mornings also. With proper care, Constance says this look should last 2 to 3 weeks. If you want a beautiful, protective hairstyle with vibrant colors, stop by Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC. Let Constance Purnell create a hot look just for you. You can also call Constance at (803) 724-8245.

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