Quanshanna Lewis’ “Peacock’ Short Hairstyle with Hair Color

Salon: Q Hair Elements
Stylist: Quanshanna Lewis
Model: Quanshanna

To get this style you simply need a comb and some decent hair gel. You don’t even need a drop of hairspray. Start by making a part on the side of your head at the edge of your eyebrow. grease your hair up and over and make the same part on the other side of your head. After that this you get to add your personality and style. Gel your hair down on the sides and in the front bring your hair to a point. It is important you don’t keep this point in the center of your forehead so your hair doesn’t look like a hat, but make the point to whatever side you like and curl the tip with your finger and you will have a style that speaks volumes.

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