Rainbow Bright Quick Weave Hairstyle from Tiffany Hudson

Salon: Crystal Clear Salon & Spa
Stylist: Tiffany Hudson
Model: Alyssa
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

A quick weave is a fast solution to any bad hair day.
This rainbow bright quick wave gives you a show stopping rooster haircut without cutting your hair. The design uses colored extensions. You can get color in your hair without damaging it with dye.

This style was created by Tiffany Hudson from Crystal Clear Salon & Spa in Durham, NC. Phone number (910) 491-8374

How To Do A Rainbow Bright Quick Weave
1. The first step is to buy your extensions. Most colored hair come in synthetic extensions. They are less expensive than Virgin or Remy hair. Pick out four colors. The best effect is one that has two bright colors, one medium color like read, and one dark color such as burgundy.

2. Set Your Hair.

For this style, if you have short hair, you can slick your hair down on each side. You can apply quick weave, to achieve the side and back of this style, but you can also use your real hair. If you have long hair, a low tight ponytail is the best option. Apply setting solution. Wait for it to dry.

3. Rectangle Part

For your rooster haircut, you will need a rectangle part at the top of your head. You do this by parting it on both sides and across the back. Use a headband or big rubber band to keep the hair out of the way. The rest of your hair is in a U-shape and will be the first place you apply weave if you are not going to use your real hair.

4. Arrange your hair colors how you want them to appear on the top of your head.

5. Prepare your extensions by adding glue to weft. That is the track part of your extensions. You can soften the glue and make it sticky to the touch by blow drying it.

6. Place weft onto the hair. Press the weft about 2 to 3 centimeters from your scalp.Be careful and not attach it to the scalp. Glue on scalp can cause hair loss and inhibit future hair growth.

7. You can place the black hair on the U-shape part. Place the hair on the sides by the hairline at least a half an inch from your hairline. Your rooster rainbow will cover up this.

8. Continue to glue and apply the hair. Around the rectangle part.

9. Place the colored hair at the top of your head. Make sure it is facing forward and falls on your forehead.

10. Once all the hair is applied, cut the hair. Cut the extensions on the sides and back until they are short enough to cut with clippers. Do a line up.

11. Cut the extensions in the front and curl them to form your shape.

If you want a Durham hair salon to do this for you, call Tiffany Hudson and visit one of the best black hair salons in Durham, NC.


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