Long Phunky Pompadour Hairstyle from Yoshie Brown

Salon: Damonni’s Hair Studio
Stylist: Yoshie Brown
Model: Jassel
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

There is nothing more elegant or refined than a pompadour hairstyle. Though we have become accustomed to seeing this particular design on women with short hair, it can also work for long hairstyles as well. And if you don’t have long hair, you can always add a few hair extensions.Damonni’s Hair Studio in Wilmington, NC shows us just how creative one can get with black hairstyles by creating a beautiful, long mane pompadour. You can easily recreate this look on your own.

What You Will Need:
Setting Lotion
Rat tail Comb
Hair Dryer
Holding Spray
Pro Gel
Bobby pins

Step 1: Shampoo
Shampoo your hair. Shampooing will give you an opportunity to detangle your hair. You may even want to comb through your hair as you lather because your pompadour will need to be a straight as possible. And hair is more manageable when it is wet.

Step 2: Apply Setting Lotion
Massage a liberal amount of setting lotion through your hair. This will help your hair to bond together as it dries. It will also help it to hold the shape you mold it into. Lightly towel dry your ends so as to remove excess lotion.

Step 3: Mold Your Hair
Comb your hair straight back. Make sure that the hair above your shoulders is molded as close to your scalp as possible. This is especially true when it comes to the hair around your ears. Use gel to slick down your edges.

Step 4: Allow The Hair To Dry
Depending on the length of your hair, sit beneath a hooded dryer between one and a half to two hours. It’s essential that every section of your hair is completely dry as it will need time to develop a firm hold. You should also avoid touching your hair until you are sure that it is completely dry.

Step 5: Tease and Spray
Take your dry comb and comb out a large section of hair towards the front of your head. Ideally, you should make sure that this section is evenly proportioned. Tease the back of the section in order create as much volume as possible. Once you have achieved your desired height, spray it with holding spray.

Step 6: Comb and Smooth
Comb your hair over the section that has been teased so that it looks like one, smooth hump. Once this section looks smooth, secure it with a couple of large bobby pins.

Step 7: Add Shine and Extra Hold
Use pomade to add a sheen to your hair. Just make sure that you don’t use too much as this may weigh down your hair and it cause it to go flat. You may also choose to spray a little more holding spray for extra hold.

As you can see, this is a hairstyle that can be worn for most any special occasion. If you are interested in this hairstyle and would like to get a few more elegant ideas from the pros, then contactDamonni’s Hair Studio in Wilmington, NC. They can be reached at(910) 619-1692.

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