Raquel Bryon’s Fade Haircut for Black Men

It is no secret, that a fresh cut and a sharp line can change things, therefore this fresh fade haircut is a game changer! Raquel Bryon of Creative Cutz is a beast with the clippers, there is simply no other way to put it. This fade haircut for Black men shows a perfectly executed light fade.

Salon: Creative Cutz
Stylist: Raqual Byran
Model: Kyhiem
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Fade Haircut for Black Men

We live in a time where black men and women can freely express themselves through the fashion and style of their hair also. This type of cut does not shy away from the waves up top. A hybrid cut allows for hair to be left for waves but has a light tapered fade around the temples and nape. Above all else, the blending is simply one of the best parts of any great haircut. The hair line is a sharp and perfectly edged frame for the cut. To add trendy flare, the temples are rounded off with a sharp sideburn. No one wants to walk out with a sucky haircut, uneven edges or gaps. Let the work of Raquel speak loudly to calm your nerves! It is obvious that she has the skills to pay the bills with this fade haircut for Black men.

Introducing Raquel Bryon from Creative Cutz

The barber world features women far and few in between. Raquel definitely stands out with her attitude and skills in barbering. She is not bothered by the few spaces for women, she has proved that she can stand up next to the best of them with her time and experience in the field, and of course her work which speaks louder than anything else.

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Creative Cutz in Yemassee South Carolina is where you can catch of Raquel Byron. As a staff member of Creative Cutz, she as well as fellow staff, aim to offer n environment conducive for your service, relaxation and comfort. A happy client is a returning client and Raquel aims to please. Race to universalsalons.com to book your online appointment or call the salon (843-694-4835).  

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