Honey Blonde Natural Bun Hairstyles from Lacey Singleton

Honey blonde buns are delicious to our eyes.  This yummy and polished updo is putting on a wonderful show of color, classic style with trendy flare. With the vision of professional cosmetologist Lacey Singleton, a common bun and bang was brought to life with this natural bun hairstyles!

Salon: Upscale Hair Salon
Stylist: Lacey Singleton
Model: Melissa
Make Up: Ursula Kershaw

Honey Blonde Natural Bun Hairstyles

This updo showcases many of the various cute components that women love. Let’s start with the bang. If you are big and bold, then this big bang is for you. A wide and deep blonde bang just oozes fun and confidence.  Young ladies and women of all ages love the mystery that a full bang brings! We thank the bangs for the drama and love the bun for the elegance. In contrast to the bold bang,

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Lacey has chosen to add a chic and understated bun. The bun is oversized for uniqueness and for a statement! Statement made, because this flawless look is a crowd pleaser. This is not your standard bun design; this natural bun hairstyles has a style of its own. The bang and the bun is added hair, but the installation and blend keeps you wondering.

Introducing Lacey Singleton from Upscale Hair Salon

Cosmetologist Lacey Singleton is one of the stylists of Upscale Hair Salon in the beautiful city of Savannah Georgia. Lacey has years of professional experience and God given skills to take your beauty to the next level. Upscale Hair Salon and Lacey welcomes you to come in, and get your new look. Not only Lacey, but the entire staff believes in offering you the best and most consistent customer service and the speediest service possible. Lacey believes that your first impression will be your lasting results. If you are ready to give this simple yet trendy up-do a try, then call Upscale Hair Salon and book with Lacey today call, 803-378-5217. Your new do is waiting for you.

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