Red Hot Feather Long Extensions from Shontelise Crutch

Salon: Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio
Stylist: Shontelise Crutch
Model: Dayna
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Salon: Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio
Stylist: Shontelise Crutch

Red Hot Feather Long Extensions hairstyle was created by brilliant and innovative hairstylist, Shontelise Crutch of Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio. This long hairstyle for women has a very elegant and glamorous appearance with its long flowing, soft curls. The additions of the red hair color and red sewins give the hairstyle an exuberant, lush look. This long hairstyle is suitable for any situation, whether it’s professional or for a night out, and it works for any age group. With the feather long extensions being a hot trend in the hair styling industry, it is quickly becoming a very popular black hairstyle.

Step-by-Step Instructions To Create The Red Hot Feather Long Extensions Hairstyle

– Dye your hair to match the feather long extensions, since the extensions are red and they probably arrived in that color.- Shampoo and condition hair.- Blow dry hair and straighten.- Whichever way the extensions are going to be patterned on the head (typically horizontal to add long extensions to give length to hair), braided tracks of the natural hair need to be created. These tracks of hair are what the extensions are going to be sewn to. This type of braid is a cornrow braid; a small, thin braid, that is made flush to the scalp so the sewins lie flat, under the covering, outer layer of hair.- Sew the hair extension wefts to the cornrow braids. The extensions are added on or woven into the original hair, so they blend well with your hair, giving it length and volume, to look very natural.- Style your hair and extensions by using either big rollers or a barrel curling iron, to add big, soft curls or waves for the finishing touch. If the extensions are synthetic, use of heated styling tools would damage them, so big rollers, that aren’t hot would work. If the extensions are made with genuine human hair, hot rollers and curling irons can be used without damaging hair.
This style was created by Shontelise Crutch from Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio in Columbia, SC. Phone number (803) 772-7287.

Leah Benson

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