Revolutionize Your Short Natural Hair With Color With These Easy Tips

The natural hair revolution is definitely here to stay. Black women have been embracing their natural locks in larger numbers over the years. We decided to look into a new short natural hair with color hairstyle from professional hairstylist Jennifer Nealey. We wanted to get some insight on what is fueling this natural hair craze also. Jennifer is a nationally published hairstylist whose work has appeared in some of the largest Black hair magazines. This particular look features a bold precision haircut and a custom hair color process featuring different hues of copper, red violets, and blondes also. We asked Jennifer to give us a few tips on creating and keeping this short natural hair with color style looking salon fresh.

Hair: Jennifer Nealy
Salon: Hair Favor
Salon Phone: (336) 423-6396
Mode: Naudia
Makeup: Chandra Peak

Short Natural Hair with Color Hairstyle

Natural hairstyles come with a different set of challenges over relaxed hair. Most notably, natural hairstyles require more hydration than their relaxed counterparts. Jennifer Nealey suggests creating a healthy hair care routine that includes a light moisturizer daily to help keep your hair healthy. This particular short natural hair with color style was started by Jennifer giving her model a protein treatment that helps to lock in moisture also.

Bold Precision Haircut with Dynamic Lines

The foundation of this short natural hair with color is the dynamic mohawk haircut created by Jennifer Nealey from Hair Favor in Greensboro, NC. This bold cult is tapered around the sides, leaving length in the top and back. The tight curls on the sides help to highlights the vibrant blonde tones in the top also. The dramatic lines in the haircut make the different shades of color in this hairstyle stand out.

Customized Hair Color Process

To achieve this particular hair color, Jennifer used a custom blend of coppers, red-violets and blondes. The colors blend to create a stunning effect created specifically for this model. The red-violet hues begin in the nape area and work their way up the back of the hair. This seamlessly blends into the copper and then blonde hair colors. The different gradations of each color travel flawlessly throughout the model’s style. To achieve this shade of blonde in the front, Jennifer pre-lightened her model’s hair. She achieved the over-all color by parting the hair in moon shaped panels.

Choosing the Perfect Color for Your Pigment

Jennifer points out the one basic mistake that many people make when they try to create a short natural hair with color is they don’t consider the model’s natural pigments when they choose their color palette. Each person has a different underlying pigment and if you try to copy what someone else did for their hair, you will probably end up with completely different results. That’s why we ALWAYS recommend having your hair services performed by a professional hairstylist like Jennifer Nealey from Hair favor in Greensboro, NC.

Taking Care of this Short Natural Hair With Color at Home

Jennifer Nealey made it incredibly easy to maintain this elegant hairstyle at home also. She wants you to simply use a daily moisturizer and shampoo your hair with a color-safe shampoo. To help with the hydration, Jennifer suggests a leave-in conditioner also. These simple steps should keep your short natural hair with color looking its best for quite some time.


Don’t go out on a limb and endanger something as important to who you are as your hair. If you want to rock a beautiful mohawk like this short natural hair with color, invest in the professional services of a talented hairstylist like Jennifer Nealey. Stop by hair Favor at 2729 Battleground Avenue, Suite 15, in Greensboro, NC, or give Jennifer a call at (336) 423-6396.

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