You Can Thank Us Later – Secrets to a Short Quick Weave Hairstyle

One of the hottest fashion statements in the black hair industry is quick weave hairstyles. Quick weaves are in high demand because they are beautiful, they don’t take a lot of time to install, and they are easy to maintain. Just because quick weaves are designed to be a no-hassle alternative does not mean there aren’t some pitfalls you need to watch out for though. We decided to go to a master, Marquita Briggs from Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC, and ask her just how she creates such stunningly beautiful looks like this short quick weave hairstyle in the pictures.

Stylist: Marquita Briggs
Salon: Alter Ego Hair Salon in Columbia, SC
Salon Phone: (803) 800-2956
Model: Yolanda
Makeup: Enrika Wilds

The Technique Creates the Quality in Short Quick Weave Hairstyles

Quick weave hairstyles are created when hair additions are bonded to a protective hair netting. The net is then placed over your own hair which is usually braided or bonded underneath. While creating quick weaves seem simple enough, you always need to be careful. After all, you’re dealing with something as precious as your hair. Marquita Briggs is a professional hairstylist and her priority is making sure your hair stays healthy throughout the whole process. Marquita points out that one of the first areas a person could experience trouble with a short quick weave is in the preparation. “You have to make sure that your own hair is properly nourished and hydrated underneath the quick weave”, Marquita says. She ensures that her clients receive some type of protein treatment beforehand”.

Marquita also uses professional-grade hair care products. She uses a hair scalp balm, hair oils, and a moisturizer when she braids her client’s hair. This is to ensure the hydration is locked in. Otherwise, your hair could get dehydrated under the quick weave which could lead to scalp damage or hair loss.

100% Human Hair Additions Create the Perfect Quick Weave Hairstyle

You also want to choose the perfect type of hair additions to create the quick weave with. Marquita chose 100% human hair with pre-added shades of blonde and brown. Human hair additions are easier to manipulate over synthetic hair. She used the different colors in the hair additions to create a hair color process specifically designed for this model. The hair color adds flash to this short quick weave look. All of the curls are highlighted because of this model’s customized hair color process.

Short Quick Weave With Tons of Curls

Speaking of curls, Marquita decided to overload one side and the back with an abundance of beautiful flat ironed curls. The curl pattern on the right and back sides creates a stark contrast to the tapered short brush cut look on the left. Marquita added another piece of flair to this hairstyle. She included an intricate design part down the left side also. Each aspect of this short quick weave hairstyle is beautiful. When they are added together, it created an elegant ensemble that is certain to turn heads wherever she goes.

Introducing Marquita Briggs from Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC

Marquita Briggs is a professional hairstylist located at Alter Ego Salon, 9444 Two Notch Rd., Suite A in Columbia, SC. Marquita is an expert quick weave artist who has earned a reputation for creating stunning quick weaves without leaving your hair damaged in any way. Many of Marquita’s hairstyles have been featured in some of the largest black hair magazines around today. Give Marquita Brigs a call at (803) 800-2956 and let her create an elegant short quick weave hairstyle for you.

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