Shadow Ombre and Color Melt Combination from Dre’ Ramseur

Shadow Ombre and Color Melt Combination from Dre’ Ramseur

This hairstyle utilizes yet another, fascinating hair color technique from the one and only, Ms. Dre’ Ramseur. Known throughout the hair care industry as Dr. Dre’, this vibrant, long, shadow ombre and color melt hair color combination is a great example of why Dre’ is in such high demand. This color creation is a custom blend created specifically for this model. Underneath the beautiful hair color technique, you’ll find that this model is sporting a natural, un-relaxed hairstyle. Dre’ added some loose curls at the bottom to help give this shadow ombre and color melt hair color hairstyle a little more definition. She also pressed the hair to create this silky look. 

Salon: Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon
Stylist: Dre’ Ramseur
Model: Sunshine
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Shadow Ombre and Color Melt Combination 

The hair color infuses different hues of rose gold to create the color melt that blends into the model’s natural highlights. Dre’ used a shadow ombre technique to blend the ends of the hair into the model’s natural color. This hair color was custom designed specifically for this model in order to create the one of a kind hairstyle Dre’ was going for. While the hairstyle does include an intricate hair color technique, maintaining this look is quite simple. To keep this hairstyle looking salon fresh, the model will need to add a daily moisturizer and wrap the hair at night with a silk or satin wrap. 

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Introducing Dre’ Ramseur from Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon in Charlotte, NC

 International platform artist, design team leader, hair loss expert, and UniversalSalons.Com preferred salon owner, Dre’ Ramseur is one of the most recognized hair stylists in the black hair industry. Dre’s work has graced the pages of the largest black hair publications on earth. You may have even seen Dre’s handiwork on the labels of your favorite hair products. To say the least, Dre’ Ramseur is in high demand and this long shadow ombre and color melt hair color combination is an example of why that is. Feel free to give Dre’ a call at (980) 949-6837 and let Dre’ Ramseur create your next signature style.

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