Shae Thompson’s “Mint Caramel” Updo with Hair Color

Salon: A Heavenly Place in Hair
Stylist: Shae Thompson
Model: Breanna
Make Up: Traci Esmond

Hairstyles are essential for any woman who wants expression with their look. At A Heavenly Place in Hair, located in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. there are many choices for you to be on the top of your hairstyle game. A Heavenly Place in Hair has hairstyles for people looking for any type of look while providing expert advice on how to achieve each perfectly stylish hairstyle. Today we will be looking at a special type of updo. Without any further ado let us get started with helping you achieve this look.

This look is especially interesting because it can be used in a casual or formal setting. The best part about this style is the fact that is is super easy and looks good for any type of hair. All we need is a few bobby pins and a curling iron. First make sure that you have some texture to your hair; there are many products out there and you can call the staff at A Heavenly Place for a referral. First we’ll start with the back-end of this look. Divide your hair into two equal sections and then clip one section away. Start a twist by twisting a small section away from your face. Then pick up a smaller section of hair and twist it into the previous section. Keep twisting down and working toward your neck; picking up more sections and twisted them in until you have worked down the length of your hair. At this point the hair should be curling inward and wrap what you have twisted into a small bun and secure it in place with a pin. Now onto the harder part of this; the part that is propped up. There are obviously main ways to do this, but the easiest way is just with a curling iron. You can simply portion off two portions near the front of your hair that you will curl upward. Curl these two sections using your curling iron and make sure that you still have a little bit left in front to comb over. Once you have your two curls, make sure that they are on the larger side you may want to use hair spray or a product to keep it in place. This is an amazing look because it is not only professional, but unique and stylish. For more information or to have one of the talented artist at A Heavenly Place in Hair create this look for you, give them a call at (850) 243-2297.

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