Shay Samuels’ Lady Lace Long Hairstyle Extensions with Layers

Salon: L3 Salon
Stylist: Shay Samuels
Model: Jessica

Layers can be used on lace wigs or or long hairstyles to show off some of the most beautiful looks that you can expect from black hairstyles. While this style looks time consuming, it actually is simple and quick if done right. You will need a curling iron and hair spray or some other type of product to help keep your curls in place. 

Simple take a strand of hair and spray it with hairspray. You will want the strand to be about an inch thing to avoid tight spirals. Comb the hair spray through and then roll the hair up the curling iron. Don’t overlap the hair more than necessary. Once the hair is warm to the touch release and repeat with a different strand of hair. Once your whole head is complete you will have flowing locks with a great wave.

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