Shay Samuels short Bob Lace Wig Hairstyle with Highlights


September / 2014

Shay Samuels Short Bob Lace Wig Hairstyle with Highlights


Salon: L3 Salon
Stylist: Shay Samuels
Model: Julia

Black hairstyles can be mastered on natural hair and wigs. Short haircuts can be hard to maintain, but a great style to accent any personality is the front lace. This style can be achieved with a little gel or moose and maybe a straightener depending on your hair. If you need to straighten your hair do that first. Next, part your hair on the side of your head just after your eyebrow. Once the hair is straight, apply a little moose or gel to the tips of your hair and gently scrunch your hair in your fingertips. This will help keep your hair straight while giving it volume and some flow.

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