Sheronda Coleman’s “Banging Blowout” Short Hairstyle with Hair Color and Curls


Getting the perfect curl can be complicated. A person’s hair style, color, highlights and texture all make a difference on how beautiful your curly hairstyles turn out. To get a beautiful perfect curl you need to know what works on your hair. You can use hot rollers, over night rollers, curling irons, and more just to create the perfect look. For black hairstyles a curling iron is the typical thing someone uses, but there is nothing typical about a heated barrel. The sizes vary for tight ringlets and get much larger for a nice waive. Getting the perfect curl requires you clamping your hair in the iron and rolling it up. Wait until your hair is warm to the touch and release. If the curl is too tight use a larger iron, if it is too loose, use a smaller iron.

Here are the steps to achieving this curl with a medium size hot iron:

Step 1: Plug in the curling iron and let it heat up. Some irons have a light that tells you when they are ready, others you will want to wait until they are hot.

Step 2: Take about an inch of your hair and run the iron down it util the ends are nicely clamped into the iron. Avoid having hair past the clamp or you will create a kink in your hair. 

Step 3: Roll your hair up into the iron and hold it there until your hair is warm to the touch.

Step 4: Release your hair and repeat with another strand until your whole head is complete.

Finish by lightly hair-spraying to keep your curl in tact. If you are short on time, just do the frame around your face and a few random curls.

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