Universal Salons Gets 33 Models Published in the May 2014 Issue of Sophisticates black Hair Styles and care Guide

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to all of the talented cosmetologist featured in the May 2014 issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. Constance Yvette Purnell, Marie Ferguson, Rasheeda Berry, Latasha Carroll, Courtney Garcia, Staci Bradshaw, GlobalTresses Denise, Brittany Anderson, Tiffany Jones, Ms. Jackee, Carita Mickle, Sharlotte Shae Galloway-Thompson, Ashley Wheeler, Victoria Peele, Paula Russell, Nakia Boykin, LaRhonda Fields, Sarah Jenkins, Katrina Ammons, Lacheryl Melvin-Leophart, Teneica Donald, Julie Hickson-Dupree, Regina Conely, Tammy B. Herod, Dezjuan Jackson, Shalonda Peachlyn, Kevin Daniel Price, Chandra Peak.

To gain recognition, a sophisticated clientele base, a profitable career and job security being a cosmetologist and dealing in black hairstyles is not an easy endeavor. There are significant barriers to success in this field. Talent is a necessary requirement, but strong determination and business acumen is also required. Being able to collaborate with industry leaders, both in professionally presenting your service and building it into a business are necessary contacts that will take an undeveloped cosmetologist in the black hairstyles industry years to make.

Universal Salons gives motivated stylist these exact opportunities. Thirty-three examples are featured in the highly anticipated May 2014 issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. Beyond the immense benefit of the exposure given to participating stylists, value is also gained in the other benefits that opportunities of this magnitude entail. One such opportunity is the chance to work with Chip Foust. Mr. Foust is the industry leader in hair photography. He has been featured in timeless publications like Newsweek, Ebony, Essence and Jet , Hype Hair and Sophisticated Black Styles. Chip Foust’s input and personal wealth of information cannot be understated. As the founder of Universal Hair Style and Salon Guide and Universalsalons.Com, he is personally invested in participant’s success.

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Cosmetologist also receive a make-up design team of industry leading artist. Each make-up artist is nationally recognized and published in top magazines regularly. A multi-page presence on a web site that receives over 2.4 million hits monthly is the type of exposure that can turn hair salons into thriving businesses, and by participating in a Universal Salons photo shoot; there is a separate page for the stylist, the salon and the hairstyle.

Inclusion in the next issue of the Universal Salons and Hair Styles Guide is guaranteed, but Universal Salons goes a step further by providing stylists with a Hi Res Cd and by submitting their work for consideration in other major industry publications. By building a professional and well-produced portfolio with Universal Salons, the stylists who work in black hairstyles and other hairstyles will attract clients who value appearance and who can afford high-end professional salons. 

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