Short and Sassy Hairstyle with Color from Amber McClain

If you need a lift in your hair, then you will want to have this style by Amber McClain. You can get everything that you have ever wanted or needed out of a short style. You will have beautiful hair that is colored to perfection. And there is a side part with the hair lifted and swept over the head. The result is an immaculate precision cut that is easy to style.

Salon: Endless Creations Hair Studio
Stylist: Amber McClain
Model: Stacey 
Make Up: Shaquansia Love

It’s All in The Cut

The hair has a pretty point on the side of the head. It elongates the face and adds some drama to the entire look. The way the cut is cut you can see all the layers and work that went into the cut. And there is a lot of skill and styling in this one.

You can get up in the morning and enjoy styling this hair. You will have the base of all the work already done for you. All you need to do is just manipulate the hair into the way that you want it for the day. Whether a little spiky, layered, or curly, there will always be something nice to do with your hair.

Amber McClain from Endless Creations Hair Studio

If you want this look, then book in with the master stylist behind it. Amber McClain is at Endless Creations Hair Studio in Pensacola, FL. The phone number is (850) 418-4726. You will want to let them know that you’re getting this look, so they can have all the color ready and book in the appropriate time.

So, get your hair game up to date and get something that is truly fetching. You will feel very professional and grown up in this look. It is a sophisticated style that makes everything that you are wearing look fancy. Your hair will show that you put a lot of work into your appearance. And after the cut and color, your maintenance will be nearly effortless.

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