Short Tiger Blood Hairstyle from Terresa Murray

Is the desire to go red and fierce with your hair burning within you? Do you love the look of fire red in your locks? Are you a short and sassy type of woman? If this describes you, then this “Tiger Red” hair color is really going to suit you.

Salon: Hair Explosion
Stylist: Terresa Murray
Model: Shanell
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Fashion Statement Red Hairstyle

You can rock a chique look like the maven in the photo. Or you can just enjoy having hair that is a statement piece. The choice to dress up or play it casual is yours with this cut and color. You will certainly have a lot of color to play with here. And your hair will really stand out regardless of your outfit anyways.

Don’t worry about getting too many new outfits though. You can just get your hair done like this and then all your outfits will look different. That’s the benefit of getting a new hairdo that is dramatic. It can really take over your entire appearance.

Introducing Terresa Murray from Hair Explosion Hair Studio

So, make sure that you book in soon if you want this look. The stylist who created the cut and color is Terresa Murray at Hair Explosion Hair Studio in Panama City, FL. You can simply call her team at (850) 763-0883 to make an appointment.

Breathe a sigh of relief and put yourself in the hands of experts. You will know that you are getting the best care possible at this salon. And the result of your visit will be simply stunning. You can make sure that you are pampered to the maximum by visiting Hair Explosion in the beautiful Panama City Florida location.

The model looks great with those glasses, doesn’t she? You might want to consider getting a pair of new glasses to compliment your cut. This will make your entire new cut all the more special. So, pamper yourself like the queen that you are.

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