Short Curly Hairstyle with Tapered Sides from Katina King

Bold, Short, Curly Hairstyle

Do you need a short hairstyle with personality? There seems to have been so few out there until lately. And people are realizing that short hair can be just as fun to be creative with as long hair. So, look at this short curly do as a chance to express yourself. You are wild but always immaculate. You like to use bold statement pieces to express your artistic nature. If this all sounds familiar, then you need this cut.

Salon: Allure
Stylist: Katina King and James Richardson
Model: Katina
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

It’s All in the Cut

The back of the cut is cut close to the scalp. This gives a light, breezy feeling. It will ensure that you can grow out that hair strong if you ever want to have longer hair. But for the time being, it’s a fresh start for the hair on the back of your head. And that at the top is perfectly colored and highlighted. You will look a little bit like a lioness. And that’s a nice statement to make. It’s bold and yet nurturing- just like you.

Introducing Katina King from Allure Salon

If you are ready for this style, then book in with Katina King at Allure Salon, Ft. in Walton Beach, FL. The phone number for the salon is (850) 855-2317. The friendly staff will guide you through the booking process. And walking into the friendly salon will be like a breath of fresh air. You will feel revitalized as soon as you walk through the door.

So, relax and try something new. This style is sure to give you that air of change that you crave in your life. You will be so excited that you got the chance to give your hair a little breather. It will appreciate doing its own thing for a while and following the natural curl pattern. Come and experience the difference that Katina King at Allure Salon can make for your hair

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