Short Fantastic Voyage Hairstyle from Shae Thompson

Salon: A Heavenly Place in Hair
Stylist: Shae Thompson
Model: Gwen
Make Up: Tracie Esmond

Hair is the essence of beauty for all women. It is the focal point of a woman’s appearance, which means that if her hair is styled well, that is 80% of her total look, no matter what she is wearing. The black skin toned woman is at the forefront of hair fashion in 2015, with short hair as the latest, hottest look. Tapered, layered hairstyles are simply more versatile, especially on black hairstyles for women. It is created by keeping the top longer than the sides, as it graduates into the neck.

This quintessential tapered black hairstyle is easy to maintain and it will never be out of style. As pictured, short hairstyles for black women is quite appropriate for women of all ages and lifestyles. Its shorter left and right sides are a unique feathered difference that lies close to the face as an added dimension to this style. The model’s hair is clipped close on the sides and the back, with the top left about two inches long to be styled adding height and accentuation in a lightly tousled, textured design.

To spice things up for 2015, there is nothing better than waking up black hairstyles with two tone color and shaping that blends together perfectly. This two tone hair color combination is a bold, fun statement that also adds depth to a hair style, plus it is a great look for thinning hair because it can make the hair look thicker. This hairstyle is more dramatic with its light and dark shades paired together. Two tone coloring is always great when the colors are from the same color family, such as cool shades or warm shades, so that they coordinate in a stunning contrast, as this hairstyle portrays.

It is all about the haircut that is highlighted in this hairstyle. This cut is a fantastic short, chic style that is sexy and edgy. Women wearing this style is showing lots of confidence and attitude. To begin adopting this hairstyle, the following is a helpful guide on achieving this sexiness.

Side and Back Hair Preparation:

1. Start with a professional haircut.

2. Shampoo and condition the hair.

3. Pat the hair to remove dripping water, but keep the hair wet.

4. Use a hair foam to mold the sides down, as well as the back

5. Use a brush to lay the hair down for molding all the way around the base of the head

6. Lock into place with a Sanek Mega wrapping paper, from the front all the way around the bottom of the wet, brushed mold

7. Clip into place to go under the dryer until dry – perhaps 30 minutes.

Top Hair Preparation:

1. Start by blowing the top hair lengths dry with the help of a thermal hair protectant

2. Working in small sections in the back, use a ½ inch flat iron and smoothly, iron the hair with little flips

3. Use hair serum or styling creme, then slightly curl middle of head forward to the face, down the sides of the ear and front

4. Sweep hair to preferred side for long, wavy effect

5. Style bangs downward or as desired

6. Finish style with a shine enhancing hairspray

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