10 Trendsetting Short Haircuts for Black Women You Need to See

Get ready for spring with a new haircut that will bring out your more playful side. Getting a new hairstyle can be a great change in your life. universalSalons.Com is honored to introduce these beautiful haircuts from some of the most talented cosmetologists from around the country. When you are ready for a new hairstyle that can make you look and feel amazing, try out one of these great options for black hairstyles for women.

Short Haircut for Women with Spikes and Hair Color from Cindy Pierce

The first hairstyle that you should consider is this short hairstyle with spikes and hair color. This is a nice cross between a classic style as well as something that is also contemporary so you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds no matter where life takes you. This is the best for short hair that is not boring and can keep your look fresh. This hairstyle was created by Cindy Pierce from Hair One Styling Salon located in High Point NC. If you like this look, give her a call at (336) 887-3635.

Short Haircut with Layers Hairstyle with Red Highlights from Deirdre Clay

The next hairstyle that you could consider is the layered haircut with a touch of color. This allows you to get some motion in the hair and adds a little bit of drama. The hair on the bottom is going to be the longest and then on the top, it will be shorter like a bob. You can have some fun with this hairstyle and make it look well for daily work and a night on the town. Deirdre Clay from Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. located in Fayetteville, NC created this beautiful look. Give Dee a call at (910) 864-8777

Quanshanna Lewis’ “Fire Bomb” Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle with Hair Color

This bob allows you to get a great haircut with some flair and yet it is so simple. All that you will need to do for this hair cut is to buzz off the hair on the right side, except for some of the bands. On the other side, use a styling agent to create a chic and short look. The sides and the bangs will be left layered. And that is all that is to it for the best look ever. Quanshanna Lewis is the professional cosmetologist that created this look. Quanshanna is located at Q Hair Elements Salon in Brandon, FL. If you would like to have her create this look for you, give her a call at (813) 508-1319.

Short Haircut for Women with a Beautiful Bang from Deirdre Clay

For this one, you will want to have your hair relaxed and then use some styling gel to get the shape and the form that you are going for. The bangs and the hair to the right should be cut asymmetrical to get this to work. The other side will be tapered close before the gel is used in the fingers to sweep the hair to the sides. This is another look from Deirdre Clay from Wave Links Hair Studio Inc.

Textured Razor Cut with Caribean Blue Hair Color from Stephanie Turner

The razor cut can show your sass to those around you. You will be able to cut the hair in a short bob in the back with the bangs pulled upfront like the tail or wings of a bird. Add in a little bit of color, such as blue or a bright red, to get something that is unique. Dallas, TX hair stylist Stephanie Turner created this hairstyle. Stephanie is located at Hair Extronaire’ in nearby Duncanville. Give Stephanie a call at (214) 538-4287 and let her create one of her signatures looks for you. 

Melissa Green’s Cinnamon Roll Short Haircut for Women and Hair Color

From the back, this is going to look like a completely normal short hair cut that is close on all sides. In the front, something new is going to appear. The front has curls to give it a cinnamon roll type look. Hair extensions can also be used on this kind of haircut to get something a little different. Add in a little color to the curls and you will be amazed at how wonderful you look. Melissa Green from Studio 102 Hair Salon LLC located in Fayetteville, NC created this trendy haircut. Give Melissa a call at (910) 494-1359 and let her create a new hairstyle for you.

The Most Beautiful Hair Color in the World from Deirdre Clay

This is a hairstyle that is gaining in popularity, especially since some fun colors can be added in to make it more fun. On one side of your hair, you will buzz it all off short. The other side can stay long. Get this buzz cut one before you add in the color that you want. This is another haircut from Deirdre Clay from Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. located in Fayetteville, NC.

Chic Asymmetrical Short Layered Bob Hairstyle from Brenda Barron

If you like the look of the bob but would like something a bit different, this is the style for you. The hair is going to be a little short on the one side before fading evenly and gently into the one side of the hair that is fuller. You want to go to someone you trust for this because if it is done wrong, you will not be able to get it to work out. Charleston, SC cosmetologist Brenda Barron created this short look.  Brenda is located at Samiyah’s Hair Styling Salon . Give her a call at (843) 571-2673.

Short Haircut for Women  with Sharp Angles and Hair Color from Deirdre Clay

For this hairstyle, you will cut the hair shorter on one end like a bob. The other side is going to have long hair that can go along with the bands. This gives a kind of asymmetrical look that can be great for all occasions. This is yet another elegant haircut from Fayetteville, NC  cosmetologist Deirdre Clay. Once again, you can reach Dee at (910) 864-8777.

Spiked Mohawk Hairstyle with Hair Color from Kimberly Stennett

For the final hairstyle, you will need to buzz cut the sides of your hair and then keep the middle long. You can even have a little bit of length in the back. Spike up the hair that is there all the way across. Use some gel and curlers in the front to get a swirling kind of look. Kimberly Stennett from Stennett Hair Salon in Duncanville, TX created this hairstyle. Feel free to give Kimberly a call at (972) 742-8446.

These are the top hairstyles of black women that you should try out if you have a short haircut. You will be able to wear them to fit your style and some will even be able to add in a unique twist with some color. Try one of these out the next time that you go in to see your cosmetologist.

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