Short, Funky Black Hairstyle from Octavia Bonnette

A lot of people are under the impression that shorter hairstyles have to be very basic. They might also think that shorter hairstyles that feature a lot of curls similarly have to be generic. However, lots of short hairstyles for black women and loose curly hairstyles can be really exciting and fun to have. Many talented hairstylists can do a lot of creative things with a fairly small amount of hair, demonstrating their skills in the process.  

This is a hairstyle that is definitely curly throughout. It is not just wavy. People will see a lot of small and thick curls with this hairstyle. All of these little curls still manage to look very tidy, while still giving the hairstyle a lot of body and shape.  

Hair: Octavia Bonnette
Model: Linda
Make Up: Richelle Burden

When viewed from the back, the hairstyle looks like it involves rows of curls. This creates a very put-together look. Some curly hairstyles have a tendency to look messy. People who remember the hairstyles of the 1980’s might think of them that way. However, in the modern era, it is easier to find and create hairstyles that look varied, layered, and smooth while still being full of curls.  

This is the case with this hairstyle, and people will find this effect with plenty of the different short hairstyles for black women today. While this is a look that ranks among the loose curly hairstyles, it’s still very obviously the product of a lot of time and care.  

However, this is still one of the many loose curly hairstyles that are popular today. Some people who get hairstyles like this are also worried that they are going to end up with a look that is too tame and that looks overly sculpted. This can sometimes make the hair look too artificial, and this is not something that a lot of people want.  

The great thing about this short and funky hairstyle is that it still looks natural and fun. It looks tidy and it is clear that a lot of work went into it, but a person who has a hairstyle like this is still going to read as fun-loving.  

The dyed sections of the hairstyle help to create that effect. This look involves dyeing the front sections of the hair a white-blonde color. This dyed look creates a striking contrast with black hair. The white-blonde dye will make it easier for people to draw attention to the front part of their faces, given the position and the color contrast that it will create against black hair. The dramatic color contrast creates a very bold effect, and this will help to make this hairstyle look both funky and distinctive.  

Carefully dyeing specific sections of anyone’s hair takes effort. Carefully curling hair certainly does as well. When a hairstyle contains all of these elements, it will be very interesting to look at regardless of the length. Talented hairstylists can make a short hairstyle like this more interesting than a hairstyle that is dramatically longer. They can prove that short hairstyles can be lively and stunning.

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