Short Hairstyle for Black Women with Color from Mel Wright

Looking for a hairstyle with some flair? Most of the short hairstyles for black women are interesting, but none can compare to this do. Loose curly hairstyles make women feel free and light. And this Short Hairstyle for Black Women with Color by Mel Wright is no exception.  

Mel Wright is known among the Universal Salons designers as being a master at black hairstyle creation. This one does not disappoint. The party is all in the front with this one. And it means that the lady goes out feeling confident in herself. She has a mountain of tight waves on the top of her hair and perfectly tapered sides.


Hair: Mel Wright
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

The sides of this cut are also wavy and ultra feminine. The back is tapered up with beautiful curls framing the back. Black women with curly hair really do have the perfect hair for tapering. Their curls look like they spent hours on them.  

So if you are looking to go short, give this hairstyle a gander. It is guaranteed to be one of the lowest maintenance cuts that you have ever had. And then you can get back to the important tasks in life- like kicking some butt in all your spheres of influence.  

If you have never been to Universal Salons, you are in for a treat. You can actually point at the haircut you want and expect it to be performed. That’s because the stylists are all trained in the trademark cuts of the salon. So no more flipping through hair books and guessing if your hairstylist has ever successfully executed that design before. Our stylists are special because they work with black hair on the regular, so they know exactly how you need your hair cut for it to look a certain way. And they certainly are trained in the looks that the salon offers.  

How does it feel to know you’re actually getting consistent service at whatever Universal Salon you enter? It probably feels wonderful, like ordering steak from your favorite restaurant and being confident it will be prepared the same way every time. Because a little consistency in life can go a long way. We keep our stores up to the highest standards so you can enjoy them anywhere you travel to in the States.  

If you need to go on an extended vacation, just book in with your Universal Salon in the area that you are visiting. We will make sure you have the stellar experience that you are always used to from us. And there will be no more asking- “do you know how to do black hair?”. Because we all know that you ladies dread asking any salon that question. It can be a nightmare if the person doesn’t know what to do.  

We commit to high standards and cute hair. So if you want a cute cut for the holiday, give one of these loose curly hairstyles a try. The one featured here is one of the hottest short hairstyles for black women at the moment.

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