Short Cleopatra Hairstyle for Black Women from Shana Lucky

Urban bob hairstyles have always been a mainstay. They look good on virtually every client. But Cleopatra hairstyles for black women are a new function altogether. They have a bit of Egyptian sass in them. They tell people around you that you are a queen. And that they best be enjoying the view while you take over the world.

This hairstyle by Shana Lucky is versatile. There will be no more changing your hair from night to day look. This hair will look good all the time. And you can never get sick of a cut that makes your face look so cute. You can look adorable or business chic, or just plain sexy all with one haircut.

Hair: Shana Lucky
Model: Paulette
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

It’s nice to get something for a change that is an all purpose look. It can be exhausting changing styles all the time to fit the occasion. With short hair, you always have to style it extra for special events. And with long hair, you might not be able to wear it down all the time. It can get tangled easily and just look different than when you set out in the morning.

This cut can just be brushed out and it will shine all day. The bangs are a little longer, so it will hide any areas of the forehead that you do not want accentuated. And that can be good if you are going through some skin treatments on the forehead such as botox. It is not always easy to be showing off the forehead as we get older. Bangs can really add a youthful glow back to the face. It is like adding 10 years backwards to the hand of time.

And the elongating effect of the side cut makes sure your face looks extra slim. This side angling really makes the cheek bones pop. And that can be one of the most beautiful features on a woman. No blush is needed when this cut does so much for the cheek area.

You will look sassy and sharp, but also have a bit of cuteness with this cut. It is a bit playful and come hither. If you have a heart shaped face, this do will look especially suited to you. Most women with these features love to accentuate their pronounced jawline.

The sides of the cut taper down to give some flare. This is very flattering in a bob because it can add interest for the eye. It can also bring attention to the neck. Make sure to wear some beautiful jewelry that you want noticed with this cut. It will definitely shine.

If your smile is your best feature, then this is the cut for you. People will really notice those pearly whites. Even the model in the photo looks all teeth. Enjoy being a queen in a Cleopatra cut. Universal Salons will make sure you get this vision executed perfectly with a visit to their salon. No need to frantically go searching through hair books at the last second.

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