Short Hairstyle with Highlights from Katina King

Are you driven by finding the next short hairstyles for black women? You can know that you are in the right place at the right time today. This style is up and coming.

Salon: Allure Salon
Stylist: Katina King
Model: Victoria
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Highlights with a Short Haircut

It has a little of everything- a flash of color with the high lights and the rest is just pure black. The cut is made so that the hair can stick out of the face a bit. That’s a nice touch that is both modern and very cutting edge. It sets a new precedent for hair in the years to come. Fringes usually cover the forehead but it’s not often you can style the fringe to stick out of the head and then come nicely around to the side of the head again. It is a whole new type of fringe.

Also, the top has a curled Mohawk type feel to it. It gives maximum height and then also goes back down the back. The sides are cut with a wonderful technique that allows for visual interest due to the layering and square cutting. It’s just part of what makes this cut so interesting to look at.

Introducing Katina King from Allure Salon

If you must get this style now, then visit Katina King at Allure Salon in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. The number is (850) 855-2317, and you can speak to the team about getting this exact look booked in.

You will not be sorry that you decided to set a new fashion trend. That’s what being a lady is all about- breaking style barriers and those glass ceilings all at the same time.

So, come in today and then emerge as a butterfly out into the world. Your satisfaction will come with knowing that you are exactly how you need to be for this time in your life- poised and prepared. Come and see Katina King today.

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