Long Ponytail Hairstyle from Amber McClain

The ponytail hairstyle has never gone out of style. Think of all the modern celebrities that rock ponytails and look like they came out of a Barbie-doll based photoshoot. In fact, one thing I love about ponytail hairstyles is that they are timeless. It is one of the hairstyles that has been in existence since the 1940s, and classic women still find interest in it. An incredible fact about the ponytail hairstyle is that it has a variety of chic yet classic models. You can rock classy, wavy or curled ponytails. The point is you will always have different options when it comes to the hair designs. Suppose you love straight hair; several ponytail designs might suit you. You can choose to have straight ponytails with different colors and lengths. In conjunction to that, you can have your ponytail design at any part of your head, that is the middle part, closer to the forehead or either of the head sides. In other words, you have the freedom to play with your design. Curly ponytails are one of the best hair designs.

Salon: Endless Creations Hair Studio
Stylist: Amber McClain
Model: Tytiania
Make Up: Shaquansia Love

Judging by the Amber McClain curly ponytail design, I do not see any reason why anyone would hate to put their hair up in a curly ponytail. First, the design is a blond color that smoothly blends with a client’s hair no matter the original hair color. By rocking Amber’s design, you can fit in any occasion. The design is perfect for official or casual events not forgetting a suitable model that you can rock during your resting days away from work or school.

Thinking of the curls, you do not have to struggle while combing the ponytail every morning. As long as you take care of your hair in the appropriate manner, the only task you have is to keep the front, back, and sides of your hair flat so that they can fully align with the ponytail. Suppose your hair is long enough to create a fine ponytail, you are on the safer side. All you have to do is curl the ends of your hair, comb the sides, front and back, then tie your hair at any position you want. If you long for a ponytail but your hair does not reach your desired length, there are a lot of options for you. I remain convinced that most hair stylists know how to create ponytails made of different extensions. Amber’s hairdo is a perfect example of ponytail extensions that fit perfectly in your hair. The natural hair fits the additional ponytail such that you cannot tell whether the falling hair is real or an additional extension. Also, you can remove the ponytail extension, wash and redo your natural hair then put back your pigtail. You do not have to worry about the curls if you know how to maintain them. Wake up and moisturize the extension then comb using a wide spaced comb or brush. By following the necessary hair care tips, Amber’s design appears vibrant for a longer period than you expected. Try and rock the curly blonde ponytail suppose you need an all-time design. Whether you are on vacation, work or school, this is an incredible hairdo you should consider.

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