Short Hairstyle with Two Toned Hair Color from Kenya Young

Salon: Young Sassy & Unique
Stylist: Kenya Young
Model: Keisha

Choosing black hairstyles can be tricky when looking for short haircuts for women. In this photo the model is sporting a short hairstyle on the bottom half of the head while the top of the head has longer hair producing many layers and added texture. The hair color featured on the top is a golden blonde while the bottom half is a deep auburn color. The color chosen compliments the models caramel skin tone nicely. Choosing the right haircut for your face shape and choosing the right hair color for your skin tone will have you glowing with confidence and style.

durham NC hairstylist Kenya Young created this short haircut. You can see more of Kenya’s work by clicking here.

6 thoughts on “Short Hairstyle with Two Toned Hair Color from Kenya Young”

  1. Kenya is fantastic in what she does; always has been. Would recommend her to anyone!! You Go Girl!! Keep up the great job!!! Looking forward to my next visit!!!

  2. if you’re looking for a stylist that does a great job and educates you about your hair/products then look no further–kenya young@young sassy and unique


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