Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle from Aniya Oden

Salon: Styles So Chic
Stylist: Aniya Oden
Model: Nanevea
Make Up: Chondra

Short haircuts are beautiful for women who do not want to spend too much time styling their hair each day. Black hairstyles for short hair are beautiful, simple and creative. You do not have to worry about your style being boring or dull. Hair color can always be used on certain area of the hair to add dimension and flair. The model in these photos has a simple haircut with red color added on her chopped bangs. This style is something that can be achieved very quickly on a busy morning. This style compliments the models face shape nicely and gives a creative loo.

Raleigh NC hairstylist Aniya Oden created this beautiful short hairstyle. To see more of aniya’s work you can click here.


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