Short-n-Spiky Hairstyle with Color from Shana Lucky

Salon: Armani’s Hair Studio
Stylist: Shana Lucky
Model: Angela
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Some of the most beautiful black hairstyles are those that are short and tailored. In this image, Shana Lucky shows us just what can be done with her short and spiky creation. In fact, let’s take a moment to discuss how you can recreate this style on your own.

Supplies Needed:
Rat tail Comb
Styling Strips
Hooded Dryer
Marcel Irons
Claw Comb
Oil Sheen

Step 1: Shampoo
Shampoo your hair. Before styling, you need to make sure your scalp is clean. Not only will it feel fresh, but your hair will also be easier to manipulate.

Step 2: Wrap
Wrap your hair. Squeeze a generous amount of styling moose into your hand and evenly distribute it throughout your entire head. Take your rat tail comb and wrap the longest sections of your hair around the circumference of your head and comb the short sections straight down. (i.e. the sections at the base of your neck, the sides of your head and your side burns.)

Note: The goal is to add enough moose so that it molds the hair to your head, but not so much so that it drips while you’re drying. Use the towel to remove excess moisture.

Step 3: Add Styling Strips
Apply the styling strips. Press the styling strips against the short parts of your hair. Use the back of your rat tail comb to ensure that the application is smooth. This is to ensure that the shortest parts of your hair will remain smooth during the drying process.

Step 4: Dry
Sit underneath a hooded dryer. Depending on the length of your hair, this should take no more than one to one and a half hours. Refrain from touching your hair as this could leave imprints or cause your hair to crinkle.

Step 4: Comb Out
Once your hair has dried completely, then comb it out. Remove the styling strips and then comb your hair downwards, toward the front of your head. At this point, your hair should be bone straight and your comb should be able to pass through easily.

Step 5: Curl
You will need to different sized marcel irons. The sizes will depend on the length of your hair. Start by curling the sides and back of your head; take the smaller marcel irons and create curls that curve downwards. Next, take your larger marcel irons and curl the top of your head; curls that curve towards the back of your head.

Note: The tighter your curls are at the top, the less spikey they will be. So try to keep the curl relatively loose. The goal is to create more of a loose bump than an actual well-formed curl.

Step 6: Style
Use your claw comb to style the back and the top of your head. Experiment with the design. You can make it as edgy or toned down as you’d like.

Step 7: Sheen
Spray a little oil sheen as a finishing touch. If you add too much it could possibly weigh the hair down and your style may not last as long or could loose some of it’s body. So try to keep it light.

As you can see, this style is not very difficult to duplicate. If you are interested in more short hairstyles for black women, then get in touch with Shana Lucky from Armani’s Hair Studio–one of the best Hartsville SC hair salons. You can reach her at (843) 332-1080.

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