Short Salt-n-Peppa Mohawk Hairstyle from William Guthridge

Salon: Sir William Hair Design
Stylist: William Guthridge
Model: Donna
Make Up: Ms. Jackee

When it comes to black hairstyles, nothing is more edgy than a short cut. And this salt-n-pepper, mohawk do created by William Guthridge from Sir William Hair Design in chandler, AZ Phone definitely proves it. This look is easy to create on your own.

What You’ll Need:
Conditioner (optional)
Wrapping foam
Wrap Strips
Oil Sheen (spray)
Marcel irons

Step 1: Shampoo and condition
Begin your mohawk with a clean scalp. Shampoo your hair. You should also condition if you are between relaxers and would like to ensure that your hair is more soft and manageable.

Step 2: Apply wrapping foam
Add wrapping foam to your hair. Add just enough so that your hair completely molds to your scalp. Comb through the thicker parts to ensure that there are no tangles.
Step 3: Apply wrap strips
Place wrap strips on the shortest parts of the back of your head. Use the back of your comb to smooth the strip down. These will keep the smallest hairs in place as your hair dries.

Step 4: Sit beneath a hooded dryer
Allow your hair to dry. Sit for at least 30 minutes to an hour depending on the length of your hair. Avoid touching it as this will affect how well it molds to your scalp and how long it takes to dry.

Step 4: Remove strips
Carefully remove the strips. If your hair is completely dry, the strips should come off easily and with little effort. Make sure the hair is completely dry before styling.

Step 5: Curl and apply oil sheen
Take small sections of the top of your head and curl each. Don’t create fully formed curl; rather use a curling a iron that is a little too big for the section you’re working on and make half curls. Each face towards the front of your head. After curling, spray a light sheen.

Short styles are usually easy to create and don’t take much time. And there is a world of different things you can do with it in order to change up your look. If you’re interested in more mohawk hairstyles or short hairstyles for black women, contact Sir William Hair Design in Chandler, AZ at (480) 570-3390.

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