Short & Sassy Haircut from Apryl Mcabee

Short & Sassy Haircut from Apryl Mcabee

Salon: Hairsollutionzbyapryl
Stylist: Apryl Mcabee
Model: Natasha
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

One of their most striking hairstyles is the “Short and Sassy Haircut,” and for this one the hair of course has to be cut, though not too short. It looks uneven from the front, with the hair coming down over the eye on one side. The hair stylist first wets the hair thoroughly and foams it up with styling gel that has a high fiber content and gives the hair a great deal of shine and texture. The hair breaks up and looks kind of “edgy.” The hair also has to be cut to the right length — since, as mentioned above, the style is asymmetrical, the stylist has to be sure and cut it short on one side while leaving it longer on the other, at least on the front. The ears are entirely exposed, with the hair beneath them being removed.
This style was created by Apryl Mcabee from Hair Solutionz by Apryl in Laurel, MD. Phone number (240) 586-4094. Ms. Mcabee has created numerous other hairstyles, including one in which the hair is extra long in the middle and extra short on the sides (so that it looks something like the crests of some animals!). Four of them besides the one discussed here can be viewed on Universal Salons. The short and sassy haircut was only created today, but it looks like the kind of thing that will catch on. Four other styles of hers are also depicted at Universal Studios.
People are apt to be particularly disposed to the short and sassy style during the summer months, when the intense heat is apt to be particularly hard on a head that is covered with hair. The appearance of this hairstyle also looks stylish, and it looks fine on almost anyone, regardless of hair texture or color.

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