20 Beautiful Long Hairstyles for African American Women

Most women who decide to keep their hair long find it hard to select the best hairstyle that matches their face shape. UniversalSalons.Com is honored to be one of the largest hairstyle galleries for black women on the web. Here is a list There are lots of hairstyles you can choose from when looking for the best African American hairstyle for women. of the top 20 hairstyles, along with information on the talented hair stylist that created the look, every African American woman should try out.

Natasha Phillips’ Long Hairstyle with Hair Color and Curls

Any hairstyle that’s long and curly will always cool you down and keep you looking stylish. There is no hairstyle that achieves this better than Natasha Phillips’ long hairstyle with hair color and curls. This hairstyle is best for Heart, oval and diamond shape faces.

Salon: The Center of Attention / Stylist: Natasha Phillips 

The Urban Belle Up-Do Hairstyle from Wendy Perry

The Urban Belle up-do will help you achieve a fancy night-out locks or a simple get-that-hair-off-my-face look. An old-school updo look on trend that has a deep side part will always work for any event.

Salon: Young Sassy & Unique / Stylist: Wendy Perry 

Long Natural Black Hairstyle with Hair Color from Deirdre Clay

If you are looking for the best way to rock your natural straight hair then you need to try out the long natural black hair with hair color from Deirdre Clay. This style best suits oval face shapes. To get the best ample volume, you can use a master comb so as to tease the hair.

Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. / Stylist: Deirdre Clay

Long Black Hairstyle with Loose Curls from Ms. Jackee
Most African American women are opting for long hairstyles. This long, flowing and loose curls hairstyle is what will make you stand out. If you wish to attend any event but have no idea which hairstyle to wear, try the long black hairstyle with loose curls from Ms.Jackee.

Salon: All About You Salon & Boutique / Stylist: Ms. Jackee

Dre’ Ramseur Blanton’s “Autumn Sunrise’ Long Hairstyle with Color
The best way to demand attention is by trying out a sexy long hairstyle. What Autumn Sunrise long hairstyle does is to give you a vibrant look and with a rich delicious copper color, you will always look good regardless of your skin complexion.

Salon: Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon / Hair Stylist: Dre’ Ramseur Blanton

Pamela Webster’s Side Ponytail with a Braid
You may have long hair but have no idea how to make it look vibrant. Well this black hairstyle is perfect for any woman who has long hair. Your face opens up when hair is pulled back off the face and forehead. This hairstyle opens up with elegant braids to expose your face.

Salon: Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon / Stylist: Pamela Webster

Long Hairstyle from Kimberly Patterson-McCoy
This is the hairstyle that flatters almost all shapes of faces. It is parted to the far left of the face and the excess hair to the right. What makes this stand out is the fact that the excess hair is curled back away in flowing curls to expose those beautiful cheekbones.

Salon: Salon 224 Inc. / Stylist: Kimberly Patterson- McCoy

Jackie Evans’ Simply Sweet Long Hairstyle with Hair Color
This has been a popular hairstyle among young ladies since it brings out the best in them. If you are ready to get angel wings then this is what you have been missing. The hairstyle has a soft feathering to add a soft frame to the face.

Salon: All About You Salon & Boutique / Stylist: Jackie Evans 

Bang’n Hues of Blonde Long Curly Hairstyle from Jackie Evans
This dreamy blond look has a sexy wide swooping bangs and curls that make it a vibrant hairstyle. To further flatter the frame of your face, the long bangs are cut and sleeked. To get the big, bouncy beautiful curls, you will have to divide specific sections and work them out with a hot iron.

Salon: All About You Salon & Boutique / Stylist: Jackie Evans

Long Curly Ringlets Black Hairstyle with Hair Color from Nikki Glasgow
The expertise applied to this hair will leave you speechless. You will also love the trendy and fashionable haircut that highlights the beautiful features of your face. You will stand out in a wild and sexy appeal since the hairstyle leaves you looking smooth and glossy.

Salon: Studio Seven SalonStylist: Nikki Glasgow

Long Sew In Hair Extensions from Marcus Doss
If you are looking for a great hairstyle that will work in any occasion then the long sew in hair extensions could be what you need. If you always run out of time in the morning, this is the best hairstyle to prepare during the night and still have it looking steady in the morning.

Salon: Marcus Doss Salon / Stylist: Marcus Doss

Long Curly Hairstyle with Highlights from Tammy Herod
There are certain hairstyles that only look good on certain face shapes. However, this one looks great from every angle. The curls fall smoothly over the shoulders and down the back to create a sexy and romantic look.

Salon: Tammy’s Hair Gallery / Stylist: Tammy Herod

Beautiful Long Hairstyle with Curls and Color from Shayna Drayton
Your natural hair can also be livened up by coloring and curling it. This will give you a simple but classic look and a romantic allure. This could be the best hairstyle for women who wish to keep the length of their hair without having to sacrifice the style.

Salon: Ambiance Beauty Salon / Stylist: Shayna Drayton

Long Hairstyle from Antavia Crawford
The texture and the sheen of the African-American hair makes this curly hairstyle the best for an African-American woman. The cut part of the hair makes it easy for the hair to fall effortlessly below the shoulders. This creates layers that provide volume and gives you a good look.

Salon: Studio 17 Hair Designs / Hairstylist: Antavia Crawford

Easy and Wavy Long Hairstyle from Antavia Crawford
If you want to turn heads then you should try out this wavy bob. The twist set used prevents tracks at the root so you don’t need irons or rollers to come up with this hairstyle. This is the best hairstyle for most faces and complexion.

Salon: Studio 17 Hair Designs / Hairstylist: Antavia Crawford

Pamela Webster’s Long Curly Hairstyle
Do you enjoy sporting curly hairstyles? You need to try out Pamela Webster’s long curly hairstyle. It has deep side part and loose ringlet curls. In order to create height, you may want to use a teasing comb after using hair gel, hairspray and curling iron.

Salon: Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon / Stylist: Pamela Webster

Nakia Boykin’s Long Curly Hairstyle
The good thing about this hairstyle is that it allows various hair lengths gathered in layers to cascade down your face. So if you have a plain face, the Nakia Boykin’s hairstyle will add magic to it. The depth of your hair will be enhanced by the deep red highlights.

Salon: Mane Inspirations / Stylist: Nakia Boykin

Long Hair Styles from Shae Thompson
Long hairstyle is what’s trending today. Ladies add sewin weaves just to create an outstanding hairstyle. This one gives you a new look that allows the long hair to fall a few inches from your shoulders. The full bangs fall just below the eyebrow.

Salon: A Heavenly Place in Hair / Stylist: Shae Thompson

Long and Curly Hairstyle from Jackie Evans
The mane of long layers of this hairstyle makes it not look too used-over. If you want to add height then you can back-comb the hairstyle and have a smooth appearance. The curls are created with a medium-width iron.

Salon: All About You Salon & Boutique / Stylist: Jackie Evans

Long Hairstyle with an Edgy Bang from Shannon Chaplin
The hairstyle has alternating lengths that are not cut into layers, instead, they are cut by a razor to produce the choppy and feathered ends. So what you have is an edgy looking style. If you are a modern woman who wants a sleek look then try this hairstyle.

Salon: Belle Donna’s House of Beauty / Hairstylist: Shannon Chaplin

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