Short Tapered Bond Black Hairstyle from Marcus Doss

Salon: Marcus Doss Salon
Stylist: Marcus Doss
Model: Coya

There are a couple signature hairstyles for those with short hair. The one that we will be presenting is Marcus Doss’s short tapered bond. This look is timeless because it works for different lengths and has different styles, but all of them have the sexy look that every women wants. This hairstyle can take a little bit of time to perfect because of the intricacies, but after this quick look you should be able to understand and reproduce this hot look.
First let’s get started with our base. Start by wetting your hair, volume can be a very complex matter with this look. You may want to layer your hair first so your hair will be light enough for some of the trickier movements later in finishing this look. Keep in mind that this is not necessary, but if you find yourself struggling it may prove useful. Next, apply a smoothing product to your fringe area and then you can apply a curl enhancing product. You want to then blow dry the previously sectioned off fringe area. After this you can air dry the rest of your hair. For someone who is looking for a more stylish look we would suggest blowing the hair dry with a styling brush. You should smooth sections of hair towards the front or back of your hair respectively depending on what kind of look you want. A faster alternative would be to wet your hair and then use a styling brush to dry and then finish the look with some gell to keep it in place. Keep in mind this method is way faster, but obviously not as professional as the previously mentioned one. After finishing the look we would recommend applying some hairspray to make sure that the look holds all day. This look is amazing for all outings, casual to formal this look will impress. You can view more stylish incredible hairstyles at Marcus Doss Salon and we hope you enjoy your new look.


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