Soft Curly Hair Weave Hairstyle from Ashley Howell

Hair styles with extensions are used for many reasons. Reasons spanning from expression and style, protective styles, or even the convenience. Whatever you reason may be for wanting to have hair sewn in, Ashley Howell has the skills to render a great weaving service, full of style and flare. This soft curly hair weave hairstyle with long luscious locks is one example of what you get when visiting Ashley at A and A Beauty.

Salon: A & A Beauty Salon
Stylist: Ashley Howell
Model: Justina
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Soft Curly Hair Weave Hairstyle

Hair weave done wrong can not only look disastrous, but it can actually be damaging for your hair. That’s right, if your hair is not properly protected and the commercial hair is not properly installed, then there is a huge chance that you will suffer damage such as breakage or friction damage, such as loss of edges. However, a professional such as Ashley knows how to apply hair to help and protect your own hair. This style features a side bang full of volume!  Ashley molded dramatic edges for extra flare. The cutest part of this soft curly hair weave hairstyle is the girly bouncy curls full of sheen. To be honest, black women are full of versatility and receiving a professional sew in are one of the best ways to show our uniqueness and ever-changing looks.

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Introducing Ashley Howell from A and A Beauty Salon

A and A Beauty Salon is located in Orangeburg South Carolina. This is a multi-service hair salon that is staffed with professional stylist full of experience. Ashley Howell is a hot commodity in town, so for your appointment, it would be best to try to schedule your appointment in advance in order to offer the best time management. Ashley appreciates your patronage and wants to give you the quickest and best service. Customer service is priority with each and every visit. Schedule your new trendsetting look with Ashley Howell through the web page or 803-378-5217

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