Lacey Singleton’s Trendsetting Bob Hairstyles for Black Women with Hair Color

Lacey Singleton of Upscale Hair Salon has lived up to the name of the Salon. She has switched up the game with a classic do and a trendy twist also. With this wonderful bob hairstyles for black women with hair color, some of our favorite hair styles are showcased. Bobs are their best when your own spin is put on them. Lacey gave us pieces of her, and we are loving it because it shows her true style.

Salon: Upscale Hair Salon
Stylist: Lacey Singleton
Model: Kathi
Make Up: Ursula Kershaw

Bob Hairstyles for Black Women with Hair Color

This bob is elegant and fashionable,due to the artistic style of Lacey Singleton. The nape length cut governs the style. The bang makes its own noise with sexy blondes, neutral blondes and browns. The one eye look is always mysterious and sultry. Flat curls compliment the diverse shades of blonde and browns. Contrasts and highlights definitely catch the eye and keeps our attention. As a professional stylist, Lacey has taken her color skills and gave amazing color placement that lays the foundation of the style! Although the hair was lightened to higher levels, the hair is still healthy and full of sheen. This comes from maintenance before and after the color is applied. Her ends are also still healthy and well-trimmed in the cut. Let this bob hairstyles for black women with hair color shine for many occasions for you.

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Introducing Lacey Singletary from Upscale Hair Salon

Savannah Georgia is the home for Upscale Hair Salon and stylist Lacey Singleton. Lacey has earned her place as a veteran in the industry. She has years of experience, knowledge and skills to take you where in the hair world you want to go. The whole staff desires to provide an atmosphere that will satisfy every visit for every client. Time is of the essence and Lacey respects your valuable time. In order for her to more quickly serve you, schedule your appointment in advance via the website or even call the salon (912-232-5206). Walk-ins may be accommodated. Rush in and live your hair fantasies in the good hands of Lacey Singleton. 

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