Soft Waves Short Hairstyle with Color from Donna Peace

In today’s society, there are numerous black hairstyles available for women. Out of those hairstyles, there a variety of unique short haircuts that look beautiful on any female. The creations that a hairstyle can create is appealing and sexy. One of the popular haircuts and styles is the short black hair cut with waves and color. This look is spectacular and will have everyone wanting to know how to get there to look like that as well. This special hairstyle is simple to create and can transform the hair into a masterpiece of art. Follow these easy steps to create this magnificent hairstyle.

The first step is to shampoo and condition the hair. Make sure that the shampoo and conditioner are rinsed thoroughly and the water runs clear. You can use a towel to dry the hair naturally or use a blow dryer if needed. If you normally wear your hair parted, you can do that before it is completely dry.

Salon: Hair Signatures / Hair: Donna Peace / Model: Amelia / Make Up: Chandra Peak


It is a good idea to use a sharp pair of scissors, cutting shears or trimmer. A dull blade would be hard to cut the hair and get an even trim. Start at the back of the hair and cut it shorter than the top of the hair. Cut it at a short desired length. If you would like to, you can taper the back of hair around the neck area. It is not necessary, but can be accomplished to appear blended. Trim the top part of the hair. Leave the hair longer on top for a better wave effect.

Once the top is trimmed to the length that you desire, you can begin trimming the sides of the hair. The sides of the hair can be shorter than the top, but a little longer than the back. Again, this is a better wave and curl style. The length should be what you are comfortable with and want to achieve.

Once the hair is cut to the desired length, you can rub it with a towel to get rid of any unwanted loose hair. A comb can be used to also remove loose and unwanted hair. To achieve the wave effect, it is a simple process. You can use a curling iron that has a medium rod for the top of the hair and a smaller rod for the sides and back of the hair. When creating waves in the hair, you can use small sections of the hair. If you prefer bigger waves, then bigger sections would be preferred. Start with the top of the hair first.

Put the desired amount of hair in the curling iron and curl and only curl the out section of that stand. Once the hair has been inserted in the rod, wind the rod towards the top or the side of the head. You do not need to wind the rod all the way to the root of the hair. You can stop midway to give that section a wavy appearance. Do this process until the top section of the hair is complete and to your desired look. You can even play around with the hair and create a different style of wave or curl that you like.

The smaller rod curling iron can be used on the back and sides of the hair. If you would prefer bigger waves on the side and can use the bigger rod, then go ahead and do so. Use the same method that was completed for the top section of the hair. When the hair is completely done with waves and curls; it is time to add some flare to your hair.

Pick out a color that you would like to have on your hair. A unique and fascinating color is turquoise or blue. It looks good with original black hair and accents it beautifully. You do not have to put the hair color on the entire hair. The hair color can be used on the top section of the hair and add some color in a section of the back near the top of the head. Be creative with the color. You can color a wave of curls on the top back section of the hair. This will have a unique effect and appearance.

If you would like to add color in other sections of the hair, then that is fine also. Once the new black hairstyle with waves and color is complete; you can show it off to everyone. People will be wanting to know how you got your hair like that. Not only will you look gorgeous but it will give you a flirty and sexy appearance.

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