Fish Tail with Hair Color Hairstyle from Tanisha Higgins

Salon: A Heavenly Place in Hair
Stylist: Tanisha Higgins
Model: Twanetta
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The fish tail with hair color hairstyle for women is gaining popularity amongst today’s trendy young women. It is classy, trendy, and eye-catching. The hair color adds a touch of excitement at the front whereas the backside retains the neutral black color to create a balance. It is ideal for the young women who are looking for a little bit of adventure and are outgoing.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create Fish Tail with Hair Color Hairstyle

To create this hairdo does not take your time, as it requires that you create the fishtail right down at the center of your head. The following steps will take you through to creating fish tail with hair color from Tanisha Higgins.


Wash hair to ensure it remains clean.
Blow-dry to straighten
Comb your hair towards the center as if you are preparing for a Mohawk.
Plait one line from the crown of your head all the way to the back.
Weave on a lengthy hair extension ensuring that it is lower than the shoulder length to create a great illusion.
At this point, the weave is hanging loose on either side of your hair.
Segment your hair at the front and apply hair color of your choice. In this case, hot pink is a common color of choice. Alternatively, you can attach hair extensions of a different color.

Creating the Fish Tail with Hair Color Hairstyle by Tanisha Higgins

Segment your hair at the crown of your head by pulling two ends on either side of the weave. You will have three hair strands.
Start to plait at the center as you would a ponytail. However, ensure that you do not tighten it. The idea is to create waves at the crown.
Start with hair strands at the center as you gather towards the edges. Because they are loosely fitting, the waves pile on top of each other as you gather hair towards the edges thus creating a layered effect.
Make a knot to secure the layers in position.
Once that is complete, grab a section of hair and split it into two halves, which resembles the first step of making a French braid. Hold the two halves (each is considered a fishtail) separately in your hands.

N/B: To ensure that the fish tail is neat and uniform, start plaiting grabbing hair from the front of your hairline as you approach the sides.

Add another strand from the left.
Weave it over the left fishtail and under the right fishtail.
Pull another strand, this time from your right side of your hairline.
Weave it over the right and under the left fish tail.

Repeat the process on gathering strands of hair (step 6 through 9) until all your hair is complete with one complete fishtail.

Secure the bottom with a small and thin elastic hair tie to ensure it does not run or leave the fish tail lose.
The sides of your hair should be neatly pulled up, the crown showing off hair color as the back defines a neat and tight fish tail all the way to your back.

This hairstyle is a creation of Tanisha Higgins from Heavenly Place in Hair in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. To book an appointment or contact her, call her on her phone number (850) 243-2297.

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